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Hail the King Chapter 1088.2

Chapter 1088: Former Knight (Part Two)

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Chambordians’ decisiveness made Busquets stop forcing the troops of the new puppet Zenit Empire to siege Chambord City.

After all, these troops were on the side of Barcelona, and they were necessary for the puppet Royal Family that Fourth Prince Chrystal put together to maintain control. Right now, the tactic of forcing Chambordians to let these people in didn’t work, and these soldiers were needed to suppress the endless rebellions happening all over Zenit.

During this time, Barcelona sent out many messengers, trying to convince Chambord to surrender.

“As of now, the Fourth Prince is the new emperor, and he is in control of the land that belongs to the giant bear of the north. Chambord is only a little affiliated kingdom. How dare you not surrender to the Fourth Prince? How dare you block the troops of the new empire? Are you trying to rebel?” A noble messenger who was on the side of the new puppet Royal Family of Zenit walked into Chambord arrogantly, and he stood on the moral high ground while throwing accusations at Brook and Bast, threatening them to surrender.

20 seconds later, this messenger’s head was hung on the gate of Chambord City.

On the 20th day, Old Tolemy, the former Castellan of Hot Spring Gate, the Leader of Tolemy Family, and the man who held grudges against Chambord due to the issue with Inzagi, offered a vicious recommendation to Barcelonans. This old man already sided with the new puppet Royal Family and was the leader of the troops of puppet Zenit.

These people forced a large group of Zenitian refugees into the area within 2,000 meters from Chambord City. Then, they cut off the supply of food and water to these refugees and forced them to stay before Chambord, trying to use this method to demoralize the Chambordians on the defense wall.

If Chambordians ignored these refugees, all Zenitians’ hearts would turn cold.

If Chambord opened its gate and allowed these refugees inside, it would be even better. With more people in the city, the city would get more chaotic, and resources such as food would become even more scarce.

“How large a stockpile of resources could this little city have? All resources will be soon depleted!”

Also, Barcelonan spies were mixed in with the refugees.

Old Tolemy’s vicious tactic worked!

Chambordians could be merciless toward fully-armed troops of the puppet Zenit Empire, but they couldn’t do it to the seniors, children, and weak women and men who were looking at them with the desire to live. These refugees were in poor conditions as they were cold and hungry, and they were on the verge of dying.

In the end, Chambord City opened its gate and allowed tens of thousands of refugees into the city.

During this process, Barcelonan soldiers and puppet Zenitian soldiers attacked.

Unfortunately for them, under the counterattack of the magic puppets that could rival demi-gods, they dropped close to 6,000 corpses and returned.

Similar schemes continued to occur, and the degree of viciousness continued to grow.

Barcelonan soldiers and puppet Zenitian soldiers captured many refugees from various places, and they severely injured or crippled these poor people. When these refugees were about to starve to death, they were stripped naked and kicked into the area within 2,000 meters of Chambord City.

These refugees were tossed to Chambord City as burdens, and Barcelonans tried to use this strategy to deplete Chambord’s food, medicines, and clothes to make this little kingdom crumble under pressure.

At any moment of the day, people on the defense wall of Chambord could see Barcelonans torturing the refugees whom they captured.

However, what shocked Barcelonans was that Chambord City had accepted more than 200,000 refugees, including thousands of Barcelonan spies, but it still didn’t crumble.

Also, mass chaos and blazing fires that they anticipated didn’t occur, and they lost contact with the thousands of spies.

Things started to look strange.

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