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Hail the King Chapter 110

Chapter 110: The Prototype of Capricorn Saint Seiya


At first, Fei was worried that these bulky blacksmiths would not be too friendly, and it would be hard for Charsi to be around them. However, people with similar interests would naturally become friends in a very short amount of time.

What actually happened was that at first, when Fei introduced Charsi to the blacksmiths, they didn’t believe Fei. In their opinion, a pretty girl like Charsi was better off staying at home and taking care of kids and elders, not playing with hammers in front of a smoky forge. But after Charsi forged a sharp longsword with a huge hammer that weighed about 300 pounds in less than ten minutes, all the blacksmiths were shocked. They almost bit their tongues. They forged weapons and armour for a living, and they could tell that Charsi was very experienced and had a set of unimaginable forging techniques just by looking at how she moved. All of them willingly became apprentices of Charsi one by one.

The NPC from the Diablo World quickly mixed in with the aboriginals of Azeroth Continent. Charsi’s forging skills conquered everyone.

After Charsi joined forces with Chambord’s blacksmiths, the transformation speed of the underground cave improved dramatically. From Warden Oleg’s calculations, the first stage of the transformation would be completed in half a month.

“Tell the warriors, including Pierce and Drogba to see me in four hours at this stone hall.”

Fei ordered Oleg to pay attention to a few things and summoned the hot mercenary Elena and her sisters from the Diablo World to guard the underground cave just in case the mysterious intruders came again. Then, he rode 【Black Tornado】and left.

The big black dog sprinted quickly down the mountain. It was very agile, but Fei didn’t feel any bumps or tosses. In less than 10 minutes, they arrived at the region of Chambord that was the residence for emissaries of the other kingdoms.

The tragedy that happened to Thrace Kingdom’s emissaries had not yet been exposed to the public. Prince Modric of Lake Kingdom ordered his mages to set up a Sensation Isolation Magic Array around Thrace Kingdom’s residence so that the bloody smell didn’t leak out. When Fei arrived, the residence was still under strict surveillance of the King’s Guard.

“Your Majesty!”

The head of the team of King’s Guard, Ivanovic quickly saluted as he saw Fei.

Ivanovic was a guy that didn’t like to talk, and he was one of the strongmen who followed Fei and battled on the stone bridge when the black armoured enemies invaded. He was a stone craftsman and was born with powerful physical strength; now, he was one of Fei’s team leaders in the King’s Guards. He was highly trusted by Fei, and that was why he was chosen to lock down Thrace Kingdom’s residence.

“Team leader, thank you for your hard work!”

Fei tapped Ivanovic’s shoulder and signaled him to continue guarding the building to not let anyone in. Fei and the big black dog jumped over the 4 yard high stone wall.

The courtyard and the building were filled with a bloody odor. A ton of blood had dried up and turned into black solids. Forensic doctors had investigated the scene all night long, but they didn’t find any new clues. Fei didn’t come here to investigate anymore, since his targets were……these corpses.

From Fei’s perspective, these bastards from Thrace Kingdom got what they deserved. However, their corpses were what Fei needed the most – they were the resources that Fei needed to use 【Find Potion】.

For the last week or so, there weren’t many dead bodies in Chambord for Fei to use 【Find Potion】on, and he only had a limited amount of 【Hulk Potions】. Now, he had more than 200 corpses, and they were all his enemies. Fei didn’t feel any mental burden.

He squatted down and placed his right hand onto a corpse’s chest. A light magical energy flowed out of his hand and onto the corpse. 【Find Potion】was used.


The corpse blew into pieces and thick blood in the corpse that hadn’t dried up yet spilled all over the ground. Fei didn’t get a potion.

However, Fei wasn’t worried since there were a lot of corpses, so he was able to bear these losses. Plus, his Barbarian Character was already level 21, so the success rate of 【Find Potion】had increased a lot.

During the next two hours, Fei had repeated the same move. His Barbarian’s low mana was depleting at an insane rate. Fortunately, Fei had converted enough 【Mana Potions】into the real world, so he was able to replenish his mana and use 【Find Potion】numerous times.

While Fei was doing that, the big black dog was sniffing through the entire residence, as if it was trying to find something, but it seemed like it wasn’t successful.

“Let’s go Blacky; there’s nothing worth staying here for any longer.”

Fei had used 【Find Potion 】 more than a hundred and thirty times, consumed sixteen 【Mana Potions】, and in total got twenty-six bottles of 【Hulk Potion】. Although it was less than what he was hoping for, that was enough for his upcoming plans.

The man and the dog left Thrace Kingdom’s residence.

After ten minutes, Fei found Priest Zola at the Church.

“There are 11,000 magic gems. Holy Knight Luciano escorted the fleet personally to St. Petersburg and back……” The servants carried ten huge chests that were made from black iron and placed them in front of Fei. The chests seemed very heavy as the servants were shaking and sweating after they put the chests down. Zola pointed at the cross sword concave symbol on one chest and explained patiently, “These holy chests are specially designed and forged to safeguard important and precious scriptures and items. Unless someone injects the purest Holy Energy onto the cross sword symbol, the chest won’t open. If people try to open it with brute force, the chest will be destroyed, and so would the items inside the chest.

Fei had switched to Paladin Mode before he entered the Church. Now, he pushed a small amount of the golden Paladin’s Aura out of his fingers and injected it into the cross sword symbol on one holy chest. He heard a series of small mechanical noises that were made from the gears and springs. A tiny holy light ring flashed in the hall and “Crack!”, the chest opened itself up.

A red light instantly lit up the dark secret Chamber at the back of the church.

The holy chest was filled with more than a thousand fire-attributed magic gems. In Diablo World terms, these were 【Chipped Ruby Gems】. The gems were flashy and carried a burning energy. The air around them felt dry and uncomfortable. These beautiful precious “stones” would make any ordinary person ecstatic.

“The other holy chests contain other types of magic gems: water, earth, metal……” Zola explained with a humble expression on his face. He believed that Fei was the 【God’s favorite child】in the legends without a doubt. All he could think of was how to hold onto Fei tighter so that he could have a better future.

“Eh, good work!” Fei nodded in satisfaction, “These attributed gems will be kept at the Church for now. When I need them, I will send some here to pick them up.”

Fei picked a few magic gems from each chest and put them in his pocket. The decision of keeping more than 10,000 magic gems at the church was not an impulsive decision. At this point, Chambord was under great danger. Even the underground cave was not very secure. He might even be under surveillance. Therefore, these magic gems shouldn’t be moved around. The safest bet was to keep them at the Church. The Holy Church was the most powerful force on the continent after all, and it was very protective of all of its personnel and properties. Ordinary warriors and mages wouldn’t dare cause trouble at the Church.

“My pleasure! It would be a great honour!”

After hearing that Fei was intending to leave an enormous amount of magic gems under his keep, Zola was overjoyed. It was a very important job and Fei left it all to him. He felt that all of his hard work paid off; Fei had finally trusted him and treated him as one of his men.


After he left the Church, Fei rode the big black dog and went around the kingdom aimlessly for a while. The big black dog suddenly turned into a tornado, rushing to the back mountain and entering the underground cave. The guards who were securing the restricted areas were the hundreds of soldiers who were picked out by Cech. They had drank the diluted 【Hulk Potion】. Pierce and Drogba were patiently waiting for him in the stone hall.

“Your Majesty!”

After seeing Fei’s arrival, Pierce and others didn’t hide their admiration at all. They all kneeled down and saluted. On Azeroth Continent, under the law of the jungle, the powerful warriors and mages would be worshiped by ordinary people and soldiers.

“All rise!”

Fei turned around and sat down on a stone chair in the hall and glanced through everyone.

Everyone felt the solemn atmosphere.

The king seemed to have something extremely important to announce.

Fei’s eyes landed on Pierce, the white-haired brave man. This robust warrior left Fei with a first impression that was yet to be topped. On the defense wall in the death battle, to destroy the enemy’s siege ladder, this man risked his life to lock down a powerful enemy’s rapier with his flesh and blood…… It was also this sturdy warrior who followed him voluntarily and charged into the thousands of enemies. He was extremely loyal, even if it meant bleeding and dying.

The impression of Pierce in Fei’s mind gradually merged with another figure in his mind.

A gold light flashed by and a simple, classic double-handed sword appeared in Fei’s hand. “This gold sword has a glorious name – Excalibur. It was the weapon of a most loyal warrior. His name was Shura. In Shura’s hands, this sword could make even gods tremble and fear. It could cut through any substance in the universe and shatter all the evil and darkness. It’s a sword of a guardian, a sword of honor, a sword of loyalty, a sword of bravery. Today, I will bestow this sword to one of you!”

Fei held the sword by the hilt, and the golden light from the sword enveloped him, making him look like a god.

With a smile, his eyes focused on Pierce.

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