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Hail the King Chapter 1100.2

Chapter 1100: Light Engulfing the Land (Part Two)

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“Your Majesty, are you going to head to the Royal Palace and settle everything with that traitor, Chrystal? Can you wait for me for a moment?” Granello suddenly thought of something, and he spoke while biting his teeth.

“Ok, I will wait for you.” Fei knew what this man was going to do.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Granello walked over to that executioner.

“Please… have mercy…” The executioner was already petrified, and he peed and defecated in his pants.

For about 30 days, this executioner used all kinds of inhumane methods to torture Granello. It was easy to imagine how Granello was going to deal with him.

“I was planning to kill you by carving out your flesh one cut at a time, but I have to follow Alexander His Majesty and save the broken empire. I can’t waste my precious time on personal grudges by torturing a little character like you. I will give you a fast one.” While Granello said that, he stabbed a saber into this executioner’s chest and ended this violent person’s life.

“Thank… thank you…”

Being able to directly die without much pain, this executioner finally repented and said those words before his sinful life ended.

Granello took out a chain of keys from the executioner’s belt, and he quickly walked to a few cells and released the prisoners inside.

“Mr. Marital Saint!”

“King Alexander of Chambord!”

“Your Majesty!”

These prisoners obtained their freedom, and they all kneeled in their cells and the corridor while chanting.

These people were the most loyal and most unyielding warriors of Zenit, and that was why they were locked in the Black Jail.

Most of these men were tortured so much that they were on the verge of dying, but it seemed like they were reborn at this moment. With hope flashing in their eyes, these men cried and roared passionately, looking extremely high-spirited.

At this moment, it seemed like the gloomy and bloody prison turned into a booming volcano that was about to erupt.

“Everyone, pick up a weapon and charge out! It is our time to take revenge!” Granello raised his arms and shouted, and his red beard looked like a burning flame.

“We are willing to battle alongside Alexander His Majesty!”

“Zenit will never die! Long live the empire!”

Roars resonated in the entire prison.

Streaks of golden light radiated from Fei’s body, getting rid of the darkness in the dungeon. Warm and gentle energies dashed into everyone’s body, healing all the injuries and giving these warriors unlimited courage and power!

The golden light broke through the stone walls of the dungeon, soaring into the sky.

In a flash, everyone in St. Petersburg was able to see the radiant golden light shooting into the sky from the Imperial Knight Palace.

The dark clouds in the sky were pierced and dispersed by this golden light beam that represented hope and revenge, and the red setting sun shone through the thin clouds and brightened up the broken city walls and the land.

The light finally reappeared in St. Petersburg!

-St. Petersburg, the Royal Palace-

New Emperor Chrystal was wearing a golden silk royal robe and a golden crown, and he was holding a scepter inlaid with the most precious magic crystal while he sat on the throne.

With delicious liquor and delicacies in their hands, 16 extremely beautiful girls who were in thin veils and almost naked kneeled on the cold, golden floor under the throne, respectfully serving the new emperor.

Although these girls’ knees already bruised, they still had to have sweet smiles on their faces.

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