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Hail the King Chapter 1101.1

Chapter 1101: The Roars Outside the Palace (Part One)

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When this supreme emperor’s eyes landed on a plate, the girl who was holding it must crawl over and present it to the emperor.

Only about 40 days passed since he became the new ruler, but Emperor Chrystal’s complexion was pale. His face was pale to begin with, and now he looked like a ghost.

The eye sockets that sat deeper into his skull and the dark circles under his eyes made Chrystal’s gloomy face look even more terrifying.

“The troops of Barcelona have surrounded Chambord City for close to 40 days, and it is heard that the King of Chambord never made an appearance. Hehe, he is probably so afraid that he escaped while peeing his pants! Perhaps in less than ten days, Chambord City will fall. Then, one of my biggest concerns will be eliminated!”

After Chrystal chugged down a glass of wine, he laughed and said proudly. A trail of wine slid down his chin, looking like blood, and he wiped it away with a white handkerchief.

“Your Majesty, you are wise and brave. Chambord City is nothing to be afraid of. One day, Alexander’s head will be hung on the northern gate to show the public!”

“Your Majesty, your intelligence and strength both far surpass the previous emperor. Under your management, Zenit and Barcelona became allies, and the strength of the nation skyrocketed. In a short time, the Zenit Empire will become the ruler of the Northern Region of Azeroth, and Your Majesty will become the No.1 Emperor in the region!”

“Hahaha! Let me guess; I think great news will come from the north tonight!”

The officials of the new puppet empire sat on both sides of the palace, and they tried their best to flatter Emperor Chrystal. All kinds of praising words flowed out of their mouths, and their faces didn’t turn red while their heart rates didn’t increase.

“Your Majesty, General Masip of Barcelona who is stationed in St. Petersburg sent someone here to pass the message. Barcelona is asking us to provide a large quantity of food and weapons, and they also want to have control over the weapons that the Chambord Kingdom sent to St. Petersburg before the war. Your Majesty, what do you…”

An official who was wearing a military uniform reported in hesitation.

“Is there anything to be hesitant about? Just do whatever our ally asked!”

“In my opinion, we should do more than what Barcelona asked! We need to provide more benefits to our ally so our relationship will be better!”

A few officials already couldn’t wait and made several suggestions.

Chrystal nodded and was about to say something. Suddenly, he appeared surprised as he looked out of the palace.

The sky in the area suddenly became bright, and streaks of golden light that were different from sunlight radiated into the area from a place behind the stone pillar outside the window of the Royal Palace. The light was a little eye-piercing.

“What is happening?” Chrystal looked slightly frightened.

A group of officials also turned around and looked in the direction that Emperor Chrystal was staring at, and they saw the golden light as well.

“Golden light? This is…”

“Haha! Your Majesty, this is a great sign! There must be good news!”

“Yeah! Right! That is right! This is a great natural phenomenon! This is a great sign!”

“It must be that Your Majesty’s sincerity touched Heaven, and the gods created such a phenomenon as a response! After being shined on by this light, I feel like I’m several years younger!”

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