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Hail the King Chapter 1101.2

Chapter 1101: The Roars Outside the Palace (Part Two)

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This bunch of officials flattered Emperor Chrystal in the Royal Palace again.

At this moment, a clear yet angry voice overpowered the flattering words of these officials and sounded by everyone’s ears.

“A bunch of shameless flatterers! Truly disgusting! How can the fate of the empire be controlled by a bunch of weaklings and hypocrites like you?”

“Who is it? How dare you?”

“Damn it! How dare you insult His Majesty? You should be dragged out and cut into thousands of pieces.”

“Who said that? Stand out! Come on! Instantly capture him and send him to the Black Jail! Interrogate him with cruel punishments!”

These officials of the new puppet empire hadn’t heard any opposing voices in a long time, and this voice was filled with mockery. Therefore, these people all got worked up, and they roared in anger as their faces turned red.

While these people looked around and tried to find the person who said that, the voice sounded again.

“No need. I just came out of the Black Jail.”

This time, everyone heard where this voice came from.

When these officials turned around, they instantly froze, and the curses that they wanted to throw out all got stuck in their throats. They saw someone who wasn’t supposed to show up here.

This man was [Red Beard] Granello, the former head commander of Imperial Patrol.

Emperor Chrystal’s pupils instantly contracted; he couldn’t believe his eyes! A shocked expression appeared on his face as if he was seeing a ghost.

“You… how…” Chrystal was terrified.

“How come I appeared in this place? Right? How come my arms and legs grew out, right?” Granello laughed while anger and hatred dashed out of his eyes. Like two streaks of burning flames, his stare burned the nerves of everyone in the palace. Also, these people somehow felt like they were instantly frozen inside an ancient freezer.

“Guards! Where are the guards? Come out and arrest him!” Chrystal instantly sensed an ominous feeling, and he jumped up from his seat and shrieked.

A series of rapid footsteps sounded.

Thousands of soldiers in black magic armor rushed into the palace from all sides like a flood.

At the same time, ear-piercing sirens sounded and filled the entire palace.

Many streaks of light flashed across the sky, and Full Moon Elites of Barcelona who were in military uniforms instantly appeared in the palace.

These changes made Emperor Chrystal and the officials in the palace heave sighs of relief. The sense of security returned, and their smiles became vicious and scary again.

“Haha! Everyday, some ignorant and reckless people try to assassinate me. Unfortunately for them, their endings were all terrible. They were turned into piles of meat paste. Granello, I don’t know how you got out of the Black Jail, but you shouldn’t have come here to seek death!”

Under the protection of guards and masters, Emperor Chrystal calmed down and smiled before speaking to Granello in disdain.

“Really? What if I’m here as well?” another voice sounded behind Granello.

Ripples appeared in the air, and Fei slowly walked out of the void.

The smile instantly froze on Chrystal’s face.

“It is you? King Alexander of Chambord?” Chrystal screamed, “How is this possible? Chambord City is surrounded by Barcelonan troops. How could you have escaped?”

“The 400,000 Barcelonan soldiers were defeated by Alexander His Majesty. Chrystal, you despicable traitor! You killed Emperor Yassin, your father! You rely on Barcelona, but now its forces are destroyed. Your end is here!” Granello roared, “Perk up your ears and listen carefully! Listen to the noises outside the palace!”

As if they were responses to Granello’s demand, thunderous shouts and roars resonated in the sky and could be heard in the Royal Palace.

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