Chapter 1102: Roars and Turncoat (Part One)

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As if tens of millions of people were roaring, the cacophony was so loud that its like had never been heard in St. Petersburg before.

It seemed like the entire city was venting its frustration.

“What is going on? Troops? Where are the troops?” an official shouted in panic.

“Troops? Of course, they are standing with the people! Do you think that the soldiers are truly loyal to this talentless and vicious ruler? No! They were forced and had no choice! Now, who doesn’t hate shameless, despicable, and poor dogs of Barcelona such as you? Do you think that you are in control of everything by staying in this palace? Poor bugs! You are a bunch of clowns who are fooling yourselves! The true honor belongs to the warriors of the empire and the Zenitians who dare to fight and resist the Barcelonan invaders! Not greedy and corrupt bugs like you!”

Granello’s voice resonated in the palace like a bell.

“Capture them! Arrest them for me! Kill them!”

Chrystal shouted in panic and fear.


The masters of Barcelona who were tasked with protecting Chrystal moved first.

Barcelona needed to use Chrystal as a puppet to control Zenit. This was the strategy that Lionel Messi created before departing. Therefore, the masters of Barcelona had to protect this weak and useless puppet emperor; they couldn’t let him die.

Surging warrior energy flames and great power instantly illuminated the Royal Palace.

The explosive auras dispersed into the area like tornadoes.

A total of four masters of Barcelona appeared, and they were all peak Full Moon Elites.

With their strength, these four people were the most powerful beings in the current Zenit Empire.

However, Fei only lightly waved his hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The four peak Full Moon Elites who had terrifying auras instantly exploded like watermelons that were struck by fast arrows, and their warrior energies completely disappeared.

Red blood and white chipped bones exploded and shot in all directions, and these four people were turned into piles of flesh.

Instant kill!

Chrystal was so shocked that he fell onto the throne.

The officials in the Royal Palace were only people who knew how to flatter, and they had never seen such bloody scenes before. When the hot and wet blood and flesh fell on their faces, they were terrified and hid under stone tables while shivering. At the same time, they screamed at the top of their lungs as if they were pigs that were being slaughtered by butchers.

“Go! Go! Go and kill them!”

Chrystal woke up from the shock, and he roared and ordered the guards to attack.

These elite soldiers in black armor were hesitating; they were shocked by Fei’s unimaginable power!

“Brothers, are you going to listen to the orders of this despicable traitor who killed his own father? In the last 40 days, what did this traitor do? Don’t you guys see? Any Zenitian who still has a trace of honor in them should have already made the decision! Are you all willing to serve this new emperor? Do you want to see the territory of Zenit being gifted to Barcelona? Do you want to see your parents, wives, children, and friends live like pathetic slaves for the rest of their lives?”

Granello was not afraid of these soldiers who were holding weapons, and he walked up bravely. He stuck out his chest and exposed his weak spot before them, and his loud speech resonated in the palace and was deafening.

These soldiers in black armor who already looked hesitate listened to what Granello said, and some of them lowered their heads in shame while their grips on their weapons loosened.

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