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Hail the King Chapter 1102.2

Chapter 1102: Roars and Turncoat (Part Two)

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“Brothers, I know that you are being coerced. Now, if you turn your weapons and point them at the traitor, you are still great men and heroes of Zenit!” Granello raised his arms and shouted.

“Perhaps you don’t know, but King Alexander of Chambord is the missing Third Prince of Zenit! Before Emperor Yassin passed away, he issued a secret edict and passed his throne to Alexander His Majesty. King Alexander of Chambord is the rightful Emperor of Zenit!”

Granello then pointed at Chrystal who had already collapsed onto the throne and roared, “Him! He, on the other hand, is only a despicable traitor! A traitor who should be hung! Now, Brothers, use your weapons to make the choice! Receive the new emperor and kill the traitor!”

Finally, a soldier looked up and roared for the first time in a long while.

“Damn it! I’ve had enough! Chrystal is only a traitor who betrayed his father and brothers, and he threw hundreds of millions of Zenitians into hellfire! I support King Alexander of Chambord! I want him to be the new emperor!”

“I’ve had enough as well…”

“We are protecting this traitor day and night inside the Royal Palace, but our loved ones are being bullied and slain by the Barcelonans outside the palace…”

“Why are we even protecting this b*stard?”

“Support Alexander His Majesty!”

Anger burned in the chest of every soldier in black armor.

Chrystal’s cruelty and greedy already made the guards who were protecting the Royal Palace complain in secret, and the stimulating words that Granello said combined with the supreme prestige that Fei accumulated in Zenit made these soldiers quickly make their decision. They instantly switched sides and stood with Granello.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

Sharp weapons that reflected cold light all turned around and aimed at Chrystal who was petrified.

“You… how dare you? You traitors dare to point your weapons at me? I’m the new emperor of Zenit! The ruler of this land! How dare you!” Chrystal pretended to be powerful and shouted at the guards.

However, this man still couldn’t hide his fear, and he turned ashen-faced and dragged over two weak girls in thin veils, placing them before him.

“You are the new emperor? You aren’t qualified!”

Granello dashed forward and appeared before Chrystal. Then, he struck out and broke the latter’s arms.

“Ah!” Chrystal screamed in pain, and tears rolled down his face.

Granello hated this traitor who betrayed the entire Zenit Empire. This man broke the defense of Zenit and led to the death of Emperor Yassin, Second Prince Dominguez, and hundreds of millions of Zenitians. In both personal grudges and public grudges, Granello felt like he couldn’t possibly get any angrier with this man. If Chrystal’s life weren’t useful at the moment, Granello would have bit this b*stard to death.

After taking down Chrystal, Granello waved at the frantic girls and signaled them to back off, and he single-kneeled beside the throne and looked at Fei while shouting with respect, “Alexander Your Majesty, please take the throne!”

“Alexander Your Majesty! Please take the throne!” Thousands of soldiers in black armor kneeled in unison and shouted.

Fei lowered his head and thought for a moment before walking forward.

Without hesitation, Fei walked through the soldiers who were holding weapons and the path that they automatically made for him by moving to the two sides. Then, he walked onto the gold stairs and arrived before the throne that represented the highest level of power in the empire.

Fei turned around and lightly sat on the throne.

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