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Hail the King Chapter 1103.1

Chapter 1103: Who The F*ck Are You? (Part One)

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“Long Live His Majesty!” Granello roared in excitement.

“Long Live Alexander His Majesty!” thousands of soldiers followed Granello and roared with passion, and their iron-like spirit soared into the sky.

Chrystal, who was captured on the side, roared like a madman, “That is mine! That throne is mine! It is mine! Alexander! You b*stard! You thief! You schemer…”

Unfortunately for Chrystal, his voice couldn’t even be heard through the shouts of thousands of soldiers.

“Please all get up.” Fei was calm from the start; he didn’t look excited just because he sat on the throne. He looked at Granello and said, “Granello, lead all the guards and troops in the Royal Palace and immediately reinforce the civilians in the city. Pass my order! Mobilize all military assets in St. Petersburg and take down the troops of Barcelona! The masters of Chambord will assist you. Before it gets dark, I want St. Petersburg to be controlled by Zenitians again.”

“As you wish! Your Majesty!” Granello was so excited that he shivered uncontrollably. He had been waiting for this day even in his dreams!

“Your Majesty, then they…” Granello got up and frowned as he pointed at the officials who were shivering in fear.

“Don’t mind them. Leave everything inside the Royal Palace to me.” Fei leaned against the throne and waved his hand. Then, he pointed at Chrystal and said, “Leave him here as well. You don’t need to leave any guards inside the palace. Take all the forces with you.”

“As you wish! Your Majesty!” Granello turned around and left the Royal Palace with thousands of soldiers in black armor.

In just a flash, only a few people remained in the giant Royal Palace. There was Fei, Chrystal, and a bunch of officials who were so petrified that they felt like it was the end of the world.

Although the number of people in the palace had decreased, the fear and pressure that these people sensed didn’t even reduce by a sliver.

Everything that these people sensed originated from the man who was sitting on the throne. This man was already a supreme master a year ago, and the strength that he just demonstrated by instantly killing four peak Full Moon Elites was even more shocking. This man could control everything in the Royal Palace on his own.

“Your Majesty! We all support you! Alexander Your Majesty!”

“Right, right, right! The King of Chambord is the true emperor of Zenit!”

Two officials rolled their eyes and thought of something, and they crawled out under their tables and chanted, looking heroic and valiant.

A mocking smile appeared on Fei’s face as he turned to look at Chrystal.

“You… traitors… you two despicable traitors. You fence-sitters…” Chrystal paled. He was sitting on the gold stairs while sweating profusely since his arm bones were broken, and he was angered by the betrayal of these officials.

“Hehe, what do you think? The feeling of being betrayed isn’t good, right?” Fei smiled while resting his chin on his palm.

The anger on Chrystal’s face froze, and he then sneered and shouted, “I’m a real son of Emperor Yassin, and I have the noble bloodline of the Royal Family in me. You? What are you? You are only a bumpkin from the remote Chambord City, and you have a dirty bloodline. How dare you pretend to be the Third Prince? You are a conspirator! Do you think your scheme will work? Hundreds of years from now, the history will only remember King Alexander of Chambord scheming against the Royal Family and obtaining the throne using dirty tricks. You will go down as a despicable schemer!”

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  1. Rissay Ibrahimi

    Yassin….. You died before your time –‘

  2. OG

    Cept crystal . This thing. I was born by yassins true love, my mother. She died and you were born from a w---e afterwards.

  3. Fimbulwinter

    If his power would be equal to the thickness of his skin, Chrystal would be the number 1 master instead of Fei xD

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