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Hail the King Chapter 1104.1

Chapter 1104: Unimaginable Presence (Part One)

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At this moment, the incredibly talented and legendary creator of Zenit fell to the mortal world from Heaven; he turned from a god into an ordinary person who had normal emotions.

As soon as Emperor Yassin’s image said that, he dashed back into the scroll and disappeared.

Chrystal stood where he was and felt incredulous. His eyes lost focus, and he fell into a chaotic state.

Resentment? Shock? Or hatred?

A bunch of emotions overflowed Chrystal’s mind. He couldn’t separate the emotions, and he felt suffocated.

“No, Father… puff!” Chrystal spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, losing his consciousness.

The Royal Palace was now extremely quiet; it felt deadly.

“Your Majesty! Alexander Your Majesty! Greetings…” Those two officials who jumped ship first kneeled on the ground with flattering expressions, and they kowtowed toward Fei.

Fei’s expression was cold, and he said, “Are people like you qualified to pay respect to me?”


Before Fei could finish, the two officials who were kneeling exploded like overinflated balloons. Before their flesh and bones could drop on the ground, they all turned into red mist and disappeared into the air.

The other dozens of officials were terrified, and they all collapsed onto the ground. They all peed their pants, and they didn’t dare to stand straight or knee. With their backs bent, they stood there in fear.

The more timid among them had already fainted.

Fei no longer paid attention to these people.

While resting his chin on his right palm, Fei looked slightly tired with his eyes squinted. It seemed like he was waiting for something.

-Outside the Royal Palace-

Roars and shouts became louder and louder, and the screams and groans of Barcelonans were mixed in.

Under the help of the silver crystal battle soul warriors and other masters of Chambord, the fewer than 50,000 Barcelonan soldiers who were stationed inside St. Petersburg didn’t even have a fighting chance.

It was easy to imagine how the enraged Zenit civilians were going to treat these demons who burned down their homes and killed their loved ones. Eating these enemies alive might not be enough for these Zenitians to vent their anger.

Once pent-up anger was ignited, the power unleashed would be terrifying.

At such a speed, the control of St. Petersburg was going to fall back into the hands of Zenitians before nightfall.

Time slowly passed by.

Gradually, the roars and shouts outside the Royal Palace of Zenit quieted down.

The red setting sun in the sky spread sunlight all over the land, dyeing the broken city walls and collapsed godly statues of St. Petersburg red.

At this moment, a series of explosions sounded like thunder, resonating in the area.

Then, more than a dozen fast-moving figures flashed in the red sky.

The residual energies from the intense battles destroyed everything in the sky.

About ten minutes later, these figures slowly descended toward the ground, and they landed right inside the Royal Palace of Zenit where Fei was staying.

These figures divided themselves into two groups.

One group consisted of the orc masters of the Dog Clan, Dark Demonic Armor Basturk, and 20 silver crystal battle soul warriors, and they stood on the outer edge of the circle.

In the middle of the circle, there were Busquets, Alves, Pedro, and Mascherano. These four supreme masters of Barcelona looked anxious, and their clothes were ragged while their breaths were irregular.

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