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Hail the King Chapter 1105.1

Chapter 1105: Honor and Coward (Part One)

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In the next moment, Mascherano flashed before Fei while the bear made of energy engulfed him; it seemed like he teleported. He was now more than ten meters tall, and he looked like a giant god. When the bear paw struck forward, the power contained in it was able to destroy St. Petersburg and turn it into dust.

Even space was torn by this strike.

The exploding orange energy flames even made the silver crystal battle soul warriors and Dark Demonic Armor Basturk have a hard time standing still.

It was clear that Mascherano ignited his core energy and unleashed his most powerful attack. This attack contained the highest level of power of his Realm of Land.

Busquets, Pedro, and Alves also appeared battle-hungry at this moment, and glints flashed in their eyes.

While they unleashed their power, they were about to coordinate with Mascherano’s attack and use their most powerful strikes as well.

However, these three froze on the spot just 0.01 seconds before they were about to move. They saw Fei lightly raising his finger and blocking Mascherano’s Bear of Earth’s giant paw.

Although Fei’s finger was only a few centimeters long, he blocked one of the Bear of Earth’s front legs that were more than three meters long. This visual was shocking.

Although Mascherano’s strike looked powerful, the bear paw that was enough to destroy a city couldn’t move forward for a millimeter.

“Impossible! Open! AAAH!!!!” Mascherano roared like a madman.

Mascherano’s body flashed inside the giant energy bear, and it was clear that he was in a berserk state. He ignored everything and even ignited his core energy, trying to unleash as much strength as he could.

However, that one slender finger seemed like a giant hill that Mascherano couldn’t overcome.

Regardless of what Mascherano did, he couldn’t move forward at all.

“Is this all you have?” Fei shook his head and said, “Then, let it end here.”


A golden light dot suddenly flashed on Fei’s fingertip, looking like starlight.

Like a spark, this golden light ignited the entire orangish-yellow giant energy bear.

In the next moment, the Bear of Earth which was condensed from the pure earth elements in a demi-godly realm started to burn.

“Ah…” a terrifying and tragic roar sounded from the body of this giant energy bear.

In just a flash, the giant energy bear that was more than ten meters tall turned into a giant flame, trapping a demi-god inside.

After about ten seconds passed, the fire disappeared, and so did Mascherano. Only a streak of smoke could still be seen.

Except for the smoke, nothing was left.

Mascherano, a demi-god who dominated the Western Region of Azeroth, burned inside his own realm. He was powerless and couldn’t even fight back.

It was dead silent inside the Royal Palace of Zenit.

Busquets and other two froze as if they were turned into stone, and they completely lost the courage to attack.

“So… so… you actually took that step forward as well…” Busquets wanted to battle a moment ago, but his battle-hunger completely went away after seeing this.

A bitter smile appeared on Busquets’ face, and he said, “You actually made the leap of faith. You win…”

Fei didn’t say anything, but his presence was still skyrocketing. He didn’t stop just because of that small battle.

The heavy and suffocating pressure targeted the three supreme masters of Barcelona and rushed toward them.

Crack! Crack! Bone-breaking noises sounded in the air.

Even though Busquets and the other two were demi-gods, their bodies couldn’t hold up against such heavy pressure. They wanted to persist and stand straight, but their leg bones instantly broke.

Blood gushed out of these three’s armor and clothes, and their bodies fell forward.

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