Chapter 1105: Honor and Coward (Part Two)

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“In your dreams!” Busquets and Pedro instantly understood Fei’s intention. They knew that the King of Chambord wanted them to kneel in this palace.

This was impossible in Busquets and Pedro’s dictionaries. They would rather be squeezed into pieces than bend their knees.

While roaring, Busquets and Pedro made the same decision. They put their arms on the ground to prop themselves up. While their sweat mixed with their blood and flowed down their bodies, they weren’t willing to fall and kneel.

However, it was surprising that Alves who was usually extremely arrogant and murderous did something different. It seemed like he chose to submit, or perhaps his strength wasn’t enough, he actually kneeled on both knees.

A mocking smile appeared on Fei’s face, and he laughed hysterically.

“Hahahaha….” The king’s laughter was filled with disdain and slight.

Everyone knew what Fei was laughing about.

It was surprising that an arrogant and proud supreme master of Barcelona was willing to bend his knees and lower his noble head.


“Do you know what you are doing?”

Pedro and Busquets questioned in anger.

This scene shocked and angered them, and the mental pain was much harder to bear than their physical pain.

“I… only want to live…” Alves lowered his head and murmured. It seemed like he was explaining himself and also hypnotizing himself. “I’m a demi-god, and I’m above all mortals. Also, I have a long lifespan. I don’t want to die just like this.”

Busquets and Pedro were so angry that they couldn’t even speak.

Fei finally stopped laughing, and he stared at Busquets and Pedro while asking them in all seriousness, “After you conquered St. Petersburg, did anyone kneel and surrender when you were butchering Zenitian soldiers and generals? Did they do any of that to save their lives?”

Busquets and Pedro’s expressions froze. The anger that they were feeling instantly turned into defeat after they heard this question.

The answer to that question was no.

Except for the Fourth Prince Chrystal and other nobles who surrendered and betrayed Zenit from the beginning, no other Zenitian chose to kneel and surrender. From the emperor to princes to generals to ordinary soldiers to even civilians, none of them begged for mercy before bloody butchering knives. This race had a shocking and unimaginable spirit.

Perhaps this was why Mr. Messi changed his mind and decided not to wipe out all Zenitians. Instead, he chose to support the new puppet Zenit Empire led by Chrystal, compromising and taking control of Zenitians instead.

“Perhaps some people might choose to be cowards, but Barcelona doesn’t lack warriors!”

Busquets bit his teeth and stood by supporting his body with his broken leg bones. He resisted against Fei’s pressure and slowly stood up. The chipped bones and pale blood dripped onto the ground, looking like tragic yet beautiful blood flowers with white leaves.

Then, Busquets’ body started to burn. He was using his core energy as a demi-god.

“He is going to self-detonate?”

The natural elements surrounding Busquets started to get unstable, and it seemed like the space around him was about to collapse like a fortress. Vibration waves could even be seen.

This was the sign that a demi-god was going to explode.

If a supreme master decided to ignite his core energy, risk everything, and self-explode, the terrifying power from the explosion could destroy mountains, evaporate lakes, and obliterate cities. In fact, it would even severely injure enemies who were several levels higher.

Pedro didn’t say anything and copied what Busquets was doing, and he started to ignite his core energy.

Since they couldn’t battle anymore and couldn’t get away, Busquets and Pedro decided to self-detonate and die with everyone around them.

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