Chapter 1107: Merging Power (Part One)

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Before sunset, St. Petersburg fell back under Zenitian control.

There were about 60,000 Barcelonans in St. Petersburg. Aside from the soldiers, there were merchants, rogue warriors, and mercenaries here wanting to get rich from the war. After the initial defense, they were all killed by the angry Zenitians.

With the help of the mystical gold war puppets and masters of Chambord, these Barcelonans were like sharks that fell onto the desert without the protection of their pillar-like masters. They were too weak.

Out of all Barcelonans in St. Petersburg, those with bad reputations were attacked and taken down first. Those people all had bad endings. In fact, some of them were bitten to death by their victims, and they were devoured alive. Even none of their bones remained.

Deep hatred was enough to make people go crazy and become beasts.

Fei didn’t stop the Zenitians from taking revenge.

After all, Barcelonans committed evil deeds and war crimes in Zenit. If the Zenitians didn’t get to vent their anger and frustration, it would be hard to tell what was going to happen from here on out.

When the sky turned dark, no Barcelonan could be seen in the city.

“King Alexander! Hail the king!”

“Long live the Chambord Kingdom!”

At sunset, such cheers and shouts resonated in St. Petersburg.

The Zenitians in St. Petersburg were tireless. They swarmed around the Royal Palace of Zenit, shouting the name of the hero who saved the empire.

These people cheered and roared on top of their lungs. This seems to be the only way that they could express their gratitude and fanaticism.

Although all these Zenitians were wearing dirty clothes that were soaked in blood, their faces were dirty, and their hair was messy, they were all in high spirits.

After close to 40 days of hell-like living conditions where they might die at any moment, these people finally witnessed the moment when the light reappeared and got rid of the darkness.

When Fei appeared on the defense wall of the Royal Palace of Zenit, the cheers and chants reached a climax. The atmosphere was crazy, and it felt like the whole city was engulfed in flames of passion.

People looked up at the black-haired young man in white, and they worshipped him like they were worshipping a god.

In the sky, streaks of power of faith that was invisible to the ordinary people rushed toward Fei like waves.

Only when the red sun fell below the horizon and coldness took over the land did the fanatic crowds finally leave the Royal Palace under the military’s persuasion. They began to rebuild their broken homeland and work toward a better future.

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After St. Petersburg was recovered, everything, from big to small, was handled by Bast and Old Aryang who came all the way from Chambord City.

Under the massacre done by the Barcelonans and puppet Emperor Chrystal, most of Zenitian nobles and influential figures in the privileged class were killed. There was a giant power vacuum, so the officials of Chambord had to temporarily fill the positions of many important departments and organizations.

Using the system that Chambord put together, these talented Chambordians began to manage and rebuild this broken empire from the ground up.

Right now, discussions about sending an expedition troop to Barcelona to take revenge were quite popular in Zenit.

Zenitians who were filled with anger and hatred couldn’t wait and wanted to get into the Barcelona Empire, avenging their loved ones and friends who died in the invasion.

At this moment, Fei chose to go into seclusive cultivation again.

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