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Hail the King Chapter 1107.2

Chapter 1107: Merging Power (Part Two)

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Of course, this was a short seclusive cultivation; there were too many things for Fei to handle.

The king temporarily stayed in the wooden house on top of the Martial Saint Mountain in St. Petersburg to organize his thoughts and extract the core learning from the combat experience that he accumulated in the last couple of days.

After barely refining the grand godly realm with his power of faith, Fei’s strength entered the True God Realm. In other words, Fei already ascended from a mortal being and became a god. He walked over the threshold dividing mortals and gods, but it didn’t mean that his cultivation path ended here; it was only the beginning.

Fei still had to complete the grand godly realm and merge with it. Only after merging with the grand godly realm could Fei become a supreme god and control everything.

Right now, Fei’s degree of fusion with the grand godly realm was less than five percent.

At this moment, there were five giant masses of light floating in the sky in the grand godly realm. They emitted powerful presences, making various animals on the ground look up at them in curiosity.

Fei stood on a grassland in his white robe. Since his presence was already merged with the grand godly realm, the animals here were naturally fond of him. They all surrounded him intimately.

After playing with these little animals, Fei began his cultivation.

The five masses of light in the sky were the core energies of the five demi-gods such as Busquets that Fei pulled out of their bodies.

The mass of pure-white energy flames in the middle had a soft glow. After Fei killed the six-winged battle angel and two-winged battle angels, he absorbed the remaining energies of these battle machines from Heaven. This mass of energy was the purest and most powerful.

After refining the grand godly realm, Fei learned many powerful abilities, and one of them was to strip away the core energies of enemies who were weaker than him to nurture the grand godly realm.

Fei could use these core energies to empower the laws of nature in this realm and complete this place.

After taking a deep breath, streaks of laws of nature appeared on Fei’s body.

These laws of nature first wrapped around the mass of white light in the center.

In this world, Fei could use five percent of the worldly power, and he was the dominant lord. He slowly refined the energy left behind by the battle angels and slowly converted it into the worldly power of the grand godly realm.

This process was slow yet clear.

The mass of white light had no owner, and it turned into many raindrops under Fei’s power. In silence, they were scattered all over the grand godly realm.

After being nurtured by these raindrops, plants started to quickly grow as if they were mutating, and animals started to leap on their paths of evolution. They were ordinary animals to begin with, and they were evolving toward demon beasts and obtained various powers and abilities.

After about two hours, this mass of white light completely disappeared.

“Not bad. After consuming this mass of core energy, my degree of fusion with this world increased by 0.5 points. It is more than I expected.” Fei nodded in pleasure.

The higher the degree of fusion, the more worldly power that the king could use.

When reaching 100 percent fusion, Fei would become a supreme god and lord over the entire Azeroth Continent. He wouldn’t have another opponent in this plane.

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    I see deep into the Masters been ng our daily struggles at this point n overtime you take on more and are aware if another level. Taking your wins and harnessing them are a key to your succes.if you conquer without nuturing your spoils they will revolt against your progress. Tree that stops growing starts dying, but a few transcends lll.

    Where is this lack of focus on the mechanics of these godly teirs now? Worldly, supreme. ( Supreme, like this stupid fashion brand,? What’s it all about anywyas?) ? Or is the point that the reader can expect any random crazy s--t to be justified by his power, beyond the readers comprehension level?

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    I agree with this, but unfortunately nothing can be done as the story is already finished and this is just a translation:/

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