Chapter 1108: Power Enemies’ Shadows – Polluters (Part One)

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In the next four hours, Fei completely disintegrated the other four masses of energy flames, turning them into raindrops and scattering them in the grand godly realm. Except for nurturing all the creatures in this world, they also strengthened the laws of nature and made the world more complete and more stable.

“I’m surprised that you are so fast. Now, your degree of fusion already reached six percent,” the mysterious voice sounded in the grand godly realm.

Fei slightly shook his head and replied, “Fast? I feel like it is quite slow. If I continue like this, when will I be able to reach 100 percent fusion? After all, my enemy is the Barcelona Empire, and it has someone like Lionel Messi. I suspect that this man already stepped over the threshold between humans and gods long ago and became a true god. Who can be sure that except for Messi, there aren’t other true gods or godly kings in Barcelona? In legends, Emperor Guardiola is able to control Messi, so he probably isn’t a simple figure.”

The mysterious voice laughed, “Kid, don’t be too greedy. When you first entered the True God Realm, you already reached level 5. For others, they have to spend many years to condense divinities and create their godly realms if they wanted to go from peak Demi-God Realm to True God Realm. In one step, you covered the distance that others might need ten to 100 steps to match. You should be satisfied.”

Fei smiled and didn’t say anything back.

The mysterious voice continued, “Besides, for you to further increase your strength, you only need to continue to refine and complete the grand godly realm. Others would still need to build their godly realms. It is already tough to become a godly king. The chance of others becoming a supreme god is slim to none. There is already a clear path in front of you, and you won’t run into issues such as an unstable foundation, a lack of mental power to control all this strength, or going down the wrong path. Start chuckling, Kid!”

“Alright!” Fei laughed and said, “Now hearing you say that, it seems like I’m really a bit too greedy.”

The king’s future strength increase was almost no different from killing monsters and leveling up in Diablo World. Everything seemed to have been digitized, and all obstacles were removed. It was literally as simple as pouring water down the tunnel, and Fei just had to find enough water.

“Ok, let’s get to the main topic.” The mysterious voice got serious as he said, “Kid, you already passed Diablo World and refined the grand godly realm. You have obtained most of the gifts that we have for you, and you have to rely on yourself now to walk on this path. My strength is about to disappear.”

Fei nodded.

The mysterious voice had brought up this issue with him many times before. Although he was unwilling to let this mysterious voice disappear forever, and he still had many questions on his mind, the king was mentally prepared.

“In reality, you can still accompany me for a bit longer, right?” Fei smiled and tried to test the limit.

“My remaining consciousness can still last for about 100 years, but it isn’t meaningful. You already grew up and no longer need my hidden assistance. Also, I have been tortured by boredom in the last 1,000 years, and I can let go of everything now that I completed my mission. For me, ending it earlier is a way of relief. The fate of the Azeroth Continent in this era is in your hands.”

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