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Hail the King Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Continue the Pirated Version of Saint Seiya to the End

“Paul Pierce, my most loyal warrior of Chambord City, my most trusted friend, in the name of the King of Chambord City, I hereby grant you this legendary sword, and from you I pray for a lifetime of loyalty, glory, and justice.”

Fei vaguely remember this passage after reading the royal collection.

Pierce was stunned in his spot, and he looked almost unbelievably at Fei until the muscular man Drogba beside him lightly poked him with his hand. Then, the white haired muscular man finally reacted. He knelt on one knee in front of Fei, and with his right fist pressed on his heart, feeling his heart beating, he followed the Azeroth Knight’s etiquette and vowed-

“Pierce is willing to use his entire life to serve his sole master, King Alexander!”

Fei smiled as he lightly tapped Pierce’s shoulders with the holy sword Excalibur’s tip, and then followed the etiquette on the book. He turned the sword around and officially handed it to the loyal soldier that was making his vows in front of him. The mysterious cold voice unexpectedly appeared in Fei’s brain again-

“Young warrior, you triggered one of the three godly skill’s [Give], please confirm. Do you want to give the Excalibur Sword to the soldier Paul Pierce kneeling in front of you?”

Sun Fei slightly hesitated for a second and then immediately chose [Confirm].

The next moment, Fei felt that his hands had become lighter, and then he saw the golden holy sword in his hands turn into a golden light. Flashing with a brilliant light in the stone hall, the sword suddenly spun, flew slowly to the Paul Pierce who was kneeling on the ground, and ultimately disappeared on the forehead of this white haired muscular man.

This scene shocked everyone in the stone hall.

This was… a miracle!

The way the other people looked at Fei had completely changed already. If it was said that they admired Fei because he demonstrated his super strength and noble royal qualities as a king, then right now the way they were looking at him was like a fanatical believer looking up to their supreme god.

Other than a god, no one could demonstrate what had just happened.

However, Fei didn’t have the time to take this opportunity to show off because he was equally as stunned when Excalibur turned into a golden ball of light and disappeared. He wanted to know what special effect it had, too.

After a few seconds, Pierce opened his eyes as if he just absorbed something and stood up.

As he stood there, the atmosphere he had completely changed – not only did the power emanating from him grow multiple times stronger, the feeling it gave to other people had also changed. He just stood tall and straight, like a good sword drawn from its sheath. Pierce seemed to not be surprised about the change, as if he knew some secret during the few seconds that his eyes were closed.

“Pierce, show the power of Excalibur to your comrades!”

Fei smiled and said while pretending to maintain his calm. Actually, at this moment, even Fei himself couldn’t wait. What he really wanted to say was, “Pierce, hurry and show me what Excalibur’s power is…”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

After letting the people around him move out a little for more space, Pierce closed his eyes, as if he was channeling some kind of incredible energy. When he opened his eyes again, he suddenly reached out his right arm, and with his five fingers tightly gripping the sword, he slightly swung it at a 2-meter-thick stone in front of him. Before everyone could react, the stone broke in half from the center, and the cut was very neat and smooth, as if a piece of soil was sliced in half by a peerless cutting edge from the middle.

Everyone took in a deep breath; everyone’s eyes were wide open, including Fei.

That was sick!

Too sharp!

So this was the power of Excalibur after being transferred by the godly skill [Give]? Everyone here knew how tough the rocks were in the underground stone cave, and even though its texture wasn’t like steel, its hardness wasn’t far from it. However, it was actually instantly cut in half easily by Pierce. Such an effect was almost identical to the holy sword held by Seiya Capricorn Shura from Fei’s past-life memories of the anime Saint Seiya; it was indestructible, all-conquering.

A gold light flashed.

The golden sword appeared in the hands of Pierce. He could actually fully integrate the sword into his body and also materialize it… this was too magical. Fei nodded, wondering if this could this be the integration between a legendary sword and a human.

“Pierce, my friend, you indeed have the true heart of a warrior.”

Fei was extremely happy and began bullsh*ting all over the place, and he just randomly found an excuse to explain the magical scene that just took place. “You’ve received the approval of Excalibur, so you will begin to master the true power of this holy sword. From now on, you will be one of the golden knights under Alexander, and your title shall be… Capricorn!”

Capricorn Golden Knight.

It was basically the pirated version of Saint Capricorn Shura.

The title itself sounded strange, but it was still an enviable and honorable knight title, and this was especially significant to the white haired muscular Paul Pierce, because it meant that he now officially escaped from his fate of being a grass-root warrior and became a real noble in the land of Azeroth.

His peers all came to congratulate him with envy in their eyes.

However, giving Pierce Excalibur was just the beginning.

Fei’s plan to improve Chambord City’s strength was still continuing.

In the next instant, Fei smiled and slightly lifted his hand in the empty air.

A soft golden light shined over the entire stone hall, and a beautiful golden Taurus head-shaped helmet appeared in his hands. The helmet’s appearance immediately attracted everyone’s sight; the two crooked grim gold horns at the top were especially alluring, stabbing into the sky, they quietly released a kind of incomprehensible sharp atmosphere, as if they could instantly penetrate the void.

“This is a helmet from a magical equipment set called [Taurus Gold Saint Cloth]. Although it’s just a single part, it has an incredible defensive ability, and its striking ability can also make any enemy tremble with fear. I mean, just look at these intimidating horns, they can easily shatter any opponent’s guard…” Fei spoke with an irresistible tone as his eyes scanned past everyone and ultimately landed on the long-haired muscular Didier Drogba’s face. “Didier, my friend, come and accept your reward. This helmet will become your closest fighting companion.”

Didier Drogba was stunned.

Just moments ago, he was laughing at Pierce’s “what the f*ck is going on” expression when Fei called his name, but now his reaction was even more embarrassing than Pierce’s. Until the third time his name was called by Fei, he knelt on one knee in front of Fei with an unbelievable look on his face.

“May glory, justice, and cheer forever be with you, my friend. At this moment and place, in the name of the King of Chambord City, I give you this Golden Taurus Helmet. From today onwards, you are one of the golden knights, titled… Taurus!”

Fei’s words once again triggered one of the three godly skills [Give]. The Taurus helmet turned into a bright dazzling brilliance in the stone hall and after spinning, it eventual slowly disappeared into the forehead of Drogba.

The pirated edition of the Golden Saint Taurus appeared.

Just like Pierce, under the effect of the godly skill [Give], the Taurus helmet mutated too. Drogba could hide the helmet inside his body and summon it when needed, and with the helmet, his physical defense would almost double, and he could imitate the impact of a bull and easily break down a broken stone.

The two magical equipment forged by Charsi using elemental gems–under the effect of Fei’s godly skill [Give]–showed mutated effect that Fei himself didn’t expect. It looked like the king took another firm step on the road to strengthen his force as he realized his childhood dream by creating this new world’s Saint Seiya team. Besides the 12 golden Saint Cloths, he still needed to find way for his future “saints” to master their ultimate skills in the anime…

This was going to be a very long and fun road.

Other than Pierce and Drogba, the rest of the brawny were helplessly waiting for Fei to take out more equipment, but they were all disappointed. Pierce and Drogba were the soldiers with the most contribution, so they deserved those rewards. As for other people, according to what Fei explained, one must achieve some level of contribution in order to be rewarded magical equipment. Otherwise, if something of this level was easily obtained, people wouldn’t treasure it as much.

Next, Fei began another plan.

He took out [Hulk Potions] that were mixed accordingly to the physical strength of every strongman and gave it out accordingly. Once everyone received their potion, they began to enhance the strength of the twenty warriors how fought on the stone bridge.

After half a month of hellish training, the physical strength of these strongmen went through a significant improvement, finally being able to take the [Hulk Potion] without negative consequences. However, since their original strength was still a level off from Brooke, Cech and Oleg, the potion’s effect wasn’t as obvious as those people. However, it was still enough to boost their power and reach a level 1-star warrior’s level.

The blonde teenager Fernando-Torres who had been following Pierce and the others in the hellish training for the past half a month also finally got his wish and got his own [Hulk Potion]. Even though that kind of piercing pain almost made him not want to live, after the drug took effect, he felt a sudden overwhelming power flooding inside his body, and like every muscular man around him, Torres started roaring in excitement.

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