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Hail the King Chapter 1110.1

Chapter 1110: The Demonic Woman’s Tears (Part One)

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The streaks of green energy were the godly power that Messi shot into these three supreme masters’ bodies. It was Messi’s godly power that was keeping these three supreme masters unconscious.

In Healing Godly Palace, one of the nine godly palaces in Sky City, there were a total of nine golden lotus flowers that could materialize in the air. They represented the nine healing functions, and they could cure all injuries and illnesses in the world. Even the sicknesses of the gods could be healed.

This streak of light that engulfed these three masters slowly expelled the destructive energy that Messi planted in their bodies.

Soon, these three people were going to completely wake up.

On the other side, Demonic Woman Paris’ situation was much better. She fainted due to an over-exhaustion of her energy and extreme sadness that harmed her soul.

This was similar to how Elena and Angela fainted at Dual-Flag City when trying to save Fei. Back then, in order to save his lovers, Fei had to find the Mythical Altar to purify the stained Worldstone. Now with the Healing Godly Palace in Sky City, Fei didn’t have to go through all that trouble.

“Eh… Alexander…”

When the flames from the golden lotus flower dashed into Demonic Woman Paris’ body, she slowly woke up. While her head was still unclear, she opened her mouth and lightly called out Fei’s name while her beautiful long eyelashes blinked.

In the next moment, the pair of gorgeous eyes that intoxicated many nobles and young heroes in St. Petersburg slowly opened.

After waking up, she was confused for a bit, and then sharp glints flashed in Paris’ eyes. She jumped out of the bed and glanced around in alert.

After seeing everything around her, Paris’ eyes locked onto Fei.

At that moment, all kinds of complicated emotions appeared in that pair of beautiful eyes.

A crystal-clear tear slowly slid down her face.

When a smile appeared on Fei’s face, this woman couldn’t suppress her emotions anymore. She forgot about everything and dashed forward, hugging onto Fei as tight as she could. It seemed like she was afraid that Fei would disappear in front of her like a bubble in the next moment when she blinked.

Fei’s godly body that wouldn’t even be injured by full-on strikes of supreme masters seemed like it was forcefully struck by something; his body froze.

With this beautiful and sexy woman in his arms, Fei smelled a unique pleasant fragrance, and his mind wandered off for a split second.

Paris’ smooth and pinkish-white arms tightly hugged Fei, and her big chest tightly pressed against Fei’s through the thin white silk dress. At the same time, her long hair fluttered in the wind and tickled Fei’s neck.

With her eyes closed, this woman was trying to feel everything with the most primitive sense of touch.

In her long and dark dream world, visuals already fooled her many times. Paris was afraid that this was the same, and the man in front of her was going to turn into a streak of smoke and vanish when she opened her eyes.

Fei was stunned. After sighing in his mind, he reached out his warm and strong arms, hugging the weak yet perseverant girl.

For the first time, Fei suddenly realized that this demonic woman had such a weak side to her. After all, she almost killed him in the battle on the Peak of Eastern Mountain of Chambord and made many influential figures in St. Petersburg lustful yet fearful over her.

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