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Hail the King Chapter 1110.2

Chapter 1110: The Demonic Woman’s Tears (Part Two)

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Under Paris’ tough and seductive mask, there was a soul that was similar to other females. She wanted a sense of safety and stability.

Perhaps this unique woman who was an orphan had to create the image of a demonic woman to protect herself and the people around her in the Capital of Zenit that was filled with schemes and conspiracies.

At this moment, Paris finally dropped all her guards.

Like a naïve girl, Paris tightly hugged this man who was a few years younger than her. Only the temperature of Fei’s body could make her feel safe and real.

“It is all ok. Everything passed…” Fei didn’t know what to say, so he had to resort to these old comforting words.

Paris suddenly let go of Fei and got out of his embrace.

Then, she started to kick and punch Fei, and those strikes landed on Fei like raindrops in a storm.

Paris had used her full strength. With energy flames flashing around her, Paris attacked Fei with strikes that could easily break giant rocks.

Loud booming noises sounded in the Healing Godly Palace.

Fei didn’t do anything; he just stood there.

After a while, the Demonic Woman was tired, and she stopped while panting.

As if a little docile sheep turned into a little wild cat, Paris placed her hands on her knees while panting. She was bending forward, and a large area of her cleavage was exposed, presenting a breathtaking scene.

As if she was holding back endless frustration, Paris stared at Fei with red eyes and asked, “Why weren’t you back at that time? Why are you back now? Why are you back now that everyone is dead?”

Tears rolled down Paris’ beautiful face uncontrollably.

Fei opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Fei didn’t plan far ahead enough this time. Barcelona’s cross-regional military operation took Fei by surprise, and Chambord was in a passive state. When the king rushed back as soon as he could, many things were already irreversible.

“Where is this?” Paris asked while crying.

“Chambord City,” Fei replied.

“Chambord City? Then, how long have I been unconscious? Barcelonans… go! You have to go! You can’t stay here!” Paris suddenly realized something. Her tears were as pure as pearls and her soul, but panic and worry appeared in Paris’ eyes as she shouted.

“Quick! Leave here! Barcelona is too powerful for anyone to handle! Even Emperor Yassin died! Alexander, you have to go. You can’t handle this all on your own yet. Before the Barcelonans get here, you have to leave Chambord City and Zenit. Leave the Northern Region of Azeroth! Go to a place where no one knows about you! Only come back and avenge us when you have invincible strength… quickly go!” Paris looked so anxious.

Even when St. Petersburg was broken, Emperor Yassin died, and Dominguez fell, Paris didn’t panic as much as right now.

Paris didn’t know that the Zenit Empire was recovered, and Fei already became a god.

At this moment, Paris suddenly realized that Fei couldn’t stop the crushing strength of Barcelona! In her mind, Fei was still a demi-god, and he couldn’t stop the tragedy that took place in St. Petersburg from recurring here.

Thinking that Fei might die like Emperor Yassin under the attack of multiple powerful enemies, Paris had never felt so anxious and heartbroken.

“No! This little man can’t die here!” Even though Paris was intelligent, she couldn’t keep her cool and calm at this moment.

Fei looked at this panicking woman with tender affection.

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