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Hail the King Chapter 1111.1

Chapter 1111: Reverse Push (Part One)

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Before Paris could finish speaking, Fei clearly felt that this girl who was struggling in his arms suddenly froze.

After a pause that was more than a dozen seconds, the Demonic Woman’s body softened, and her moist, soft, and sweet lips kissed Fei’s neck. Although she appeared inexperienced, her action was firm.

After a slight pause, Fei felt like his head almost exploded.

Demonic Woman Paris was known as the most mysterious, beautiful, noble, and unconquerable woman in Zenit. Many nobles, influential figures, and talented heroes wanted to conquer this wild and cold woman. Even the talented Golden Sun Knight Sutton once loved this woman deeply.

Almost every man wanted to conquer a mysterious and beautiful woman like Paris.

However, it seemed like this devilish woman was never fond of anyone in St. Petersburg.

Even Second Prince Dominguez who was sickeningly handsome didn’t win over the heart of this woman.

Right now, this sexy and charming older woman suddenly got hot and offered her sweet lips to Fei. Like a little wild cat, Paris pressed her lips onto Fei’s, and that sweet and moist sensation stunned Fei who was already a god.

Without exaggeration, Fei’s mind was completely blank.

A woman like Paris was born to be an enchanting woman, and even Fei had thoughts of conquering her in his unconscious.

Paris’ proactive skill completely ignited Fei’s hidden desire.

What happened next was unstoppable.

Paris’ body got hotter and hotter, and she seemed a little crazy.

The wild and unconventional character of the Demonic Woman was completely demonstrated. The mystical feeling that Paris had after she survived that tragedy made her let go of all her mental barriers, and she risked everything. She tore Fei’s white robe with both of her hands, and then she tore her white silk dress before pressing her body tightly against Fei’s.

The gentle friction between their skin and the smooth touch made Fei lose the last bit of reason.

The king reached out his hand and tore a crack in space.

Then, an energy flame flashed, and the two almost completely naked people disappeared in the world.

In the next moment, the golden lotus flower right below the ceiling of the Healing Godly Palace released the last streak of brilliant light, getting rid of Messi’s godly power in Lampard, Hazel Bank, and Batistuta’s bodies.

These three supreme masters almost opened their eyes at the same time.

No one knew where this place was.

Fei and Paris were already facing each other completely naked.

The two were surrounded by the endless void, and some brilliant star lights could be seen far away. Shooting stars would dash by frequently, leaving behind a beautiful scene.

Right now, the two were wrapped inside a mass of golden misty energy, and it felt like they were inside a giant soft velvet quilt. It was warm and comfortable.

Paris was extremely wild and took the lead.

Although it was her first time, the Demonic Woman wasn’t shy at all. She didn’t hold back and showed the man in front of her all her beauty.

Angela was a pure and quite angel, Elena was a valiant and beautiful Valkyrie, and Paris was a seductive succubus. Her figure was like an hourglass, and she had the charm of a mature woman. Her chest was bouncy and full; they were at least twice the size compared to Angela and Elena’s.

The red cherries on top emitted primitive seduction, and they tightly pressed against Fei’s muscular chest. Her chest rubbed on Fei’s body and turned into various shapes, making Fei’s head explode.

Although Paris’ upper body was busty, her waist was slender, almost like the stem of a flower. The king was even afraid that her waist would break if he used too much force.

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  2. esperei por esse momento por mais de mil capítulos kk

  3. Odunayo Junaid

    I thought Paris was flat-chested

  4. OG

    Gonna be a w---e? Where are your wives who probably think paris is hot too… I know my wife would let us have a Kristen Stewart type into our bed…

  5. Her figure was like an hourglass. it’s a hourglass not an hourglass

    • TrashMan

      Bruh learn English it’s an before a phonetic vowel sound even if it’s consonant

    • David

      Lol dude , It’s correct and you are wrong

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  8. Fimbulwinter

    I like Paris, so I don’t mind her being another wife for Fei, but I feel like this romance is a bit too rushed. Before this it was heavily hinted ofc that Paris fell in love with Fei, but as far as I remember at least, there was no indication that Fei had deeper feelings for her. Even his feelings for Jessica (who the author kinda forgot about) seem deeper in comparison. While we’re at the topic of forgotten women, there’s also princess Cindy, that purple haired girl Ziene on Tanasha’s side and the women in red Susan :’)
    It seems like the author planned for a bigger harem for Fei, but then either forgot about or ditched them :p

  9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. I don’t remember if the author described her like that, it might have just been Fei being a douche to piss her off. He did call her an old hag or something like that, so maybe the flat chest remark was also fake?

    I dunno, I always had the image of her being flat like Paris because of that roasting too XD

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