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Hail the King Chapter 1111.2

Chapter 1111: Reverse Push (Part Two)

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Lower down, Paris’ slender thighs and beautiful lower legs that had the perfect shape looked like they were carved out of white jade by gods; no shortcomings could be spotted. When Paris locked her legs around Fei’s waist, the king felt like his godly body was about to melt.

Since she had been cultivating warrior energy, Paris’ body was plump but had a low body-fat percentage. Her skin was bouncy, and her body was great to the touch.

While their bodies grinded against each other, Fei felt like fine silk was being lightly dragged across his body. That intense pleasure almost dazzled the king.

Fei felt like he was 100 percent being reverse pushed.

[TL Note: In Chinese, the word ‘push’ or ‘pushdown’ have sexual meanings. Usually, it means that a man took the lead and got on a woman. Therefore, ‘reverse push’ means that a woman took the lead and got on a man.]

The Demonic Woman was leading all the way.

Paris’ sweet and plump lips kissed Fei’s neck, chest, abdomen, and downward. It seemed like a flame ignited Fei’s body. When the Demonic Woman looked at Fei with seductive eyes and swallowed that place, Fei felt like even his blood was being burned by fire.

Inside the golden mist created by terrifying godly power in the void, a man and a woman’s rapid breathings broke the silence in the dark.

When Fei entered Paris’ body, a slight bit of pain appeared on Paris’ beautiful and stunning face.

Paris’ beautiful eyes were slightly closed, and she frowned as her lips twitched. It seemed like she was in pain, yet she was excited. Her expression was enough to break the defense of the most abstinent man.

This was the Demon Woman’s first time; Fei clearly saw the bright red drops.

No one knew how long had passed, and Fei gradually woke up from the intense and alluring pleasure.

In the endless void, the Demon Woman rested her head on Fei’s shoulder. She was breathing evenly while she slept, and her smile was sweet and naïve on her beautiful face. Two cute dimples could be seen, and it seemed like she was having a great dream.

Fei felt unprecedented relaxation and peace.

After returning from the [Banished Land], the king heard the news of many of his old friends’ deaths, and he learned that Emperor Yassin was his father for the first time. Before he and Emperor Yassin could officially meet each other as the son and father, the latter already passed away…

All kinds of negative emotions bombarded Fei’s mind, and he didn’t know if he was feeling angry, sad, confused, frustrated, or other emotions. Even after he defeated supreme masters such as Busquets and crushed the troops of Barcelona, he felt like his negative emotions were still lingering around.

The situation was already messy enough.

His encounter in the Beast God Palace, the words that Beast God Rexxar said, and the information and the responsibility to save the world that the cold and mysterious voice revealed…

Fei felt like his background was a mess; he wasn’t as simple as the Third Prince of Zenit.

“Isn’t it rumored that phenomenon appeared when the Third Prince was born?”

Now with Paris in his arms who was smiling like a little girl and staying in this mysterious crack in the void, Fei suddenly felt quite relaxed after that crazy ‘battle’.

This was a strange phenomenon. Fei discovered that every time he slept with a woman, his mind would calm down and stabilize.

For example, when he had his first time with Angela and Elena…

When thinking about that, a smile appeared on Fei’s face.

At this moment, the Demon Woman who was resting in Fei’s arms also opened her eyes.

[TL Note: Ay, this is one of those rare chapters that the author writes.]

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  3. Fimbulwinter

    “Fei discovered that every time he slept with a woman, his mind would calm down and stabilize.”

    I think that’s true for most men :’)

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