Chapter 1112: The Envoy from the Elf Clan (Part One)

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“What are you smiling about?” The Demonic Woman yawned and smiled while drawing circles on Fei’s chest with her fingers, giving Fei a tingly and pleasurable sensation.

Fei caressed Paris’ blonde hair while he closed his eyes and lightly sniffed the fragrance. With the smile on his face, he said, “I’m surprised that the vicious and terrifying Demonic Woman who made many people scared in St. Petersburg is cute like a little girl when she is sleeping. That is why I’m smiling.”

“From your look, I know you are not telling the truth.”

The Demonic Woman lowered her head and pressed her ear on Fei’s chest, listening to the strong heartbeat. She no longer looked like a little wild cat. Instead, she looked like a noble lady with a calm and sweet smile on her face.

“Little Man, tell me how you defeated the Barcelonans.”

Fei nodded and told Paris about everything that had taken place in the last four days or so.

After hearing everything, the last bit of worry on Paris’ mind disappeared, and she became relaxed.

“So, you actually became a god? I actually slept with a god?” When those slightly vulgar words dashed out of this beautiful woman’s mouth, it was lethally alluring, making Fei feel like a fire was burning in his abdomen.

“Little Man, you want to get on top of me again?”

The Demonic Woman sensed the change in Fei’s body, and she said something vulgar while licking her red lips.

With the sweet smile on her face, Paris stuck out her cute pink tongue and said those words, emitting indefensible charm. What she said may sound cheap if it came from a sex worker, but it became the dynamite that could make all men go crazy when this alluring woman said it.

Fei instantly wrapped his arms around Paris and pulled her even closer.

“No~” The Demonic Woman giggled and got on top of Fei instead. At the same time, she whispered to Fei’s ears while the sweet fragrance filled Fei’s nose, “Little Man, you are too strong. I can’t take all that.”

Then, Paris stuck out her tongue and licked Fei’s ear. After that, she kissed Fei’s neck, chest, abdomen, and all the way down.

While staring at Fei’s eyes, indescribable seduction and attraction filled Paris’ eyes as she said, “Little Man, remember. Everything is my first time today.”

After saying that, she lowered her head and ‘bit’ onto Fei’s vital organ.

When Fei and Paris exited the void, they were both changed into new clothes.

In the Godly King Palace in Sky City, Fei summoned all the important officials and military officers of Chambord.

The supreme orc masters also appeared in this meeting.

Almost everyone in the high-level circle of Chambord knew about the upcoming alliance between Chambord and the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

Right now, the laws of nature on the Azeroth Continent were reverting back to the Mythical Era, and many races and clans that had disappeared for a long time reappeared on the continent. Therefore, the appearance of these orc masters wasn’t surprising at all.

However, when the supreme orc masters called Fei ‘Beast Emperor Your Majesty’ with respect, the important figures of Chambord were shocked.

“Beast Emperor? Could it mean that His Majesty became the lord of the Behemoth Orc Tribe after going to the [Banished Land] for such a short time?”

“Could it mean that the powerful Behemoth Orc Tribe which was influential during the Mythical Era is now apart of Chambord?”

“Could it mean that Chambord’s strength far exceeded our most optimistic estimates?”

All Chambordians in the palace looked at each other in surprise, and their morale increased even further.

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