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Hail the King Chapter 1112.2

Chapter 1112: The Envoy from the Elf Clan (Part Two)

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With the behemoth orcs’ support, Chambord and Zenit had a higher chance of winning in this war against Barcelona.

“I need to unite the Northern Region of Azeroth in the shortest possible amount of time.”

What Fei said shocked everyone in the Godly King Palace. Aside from being shocked, they were also greatly motivated. The dull and serious atmosphere in the palace instantly became heated, and everyone couldn’t hide the excitement on their faces.

If Fei said these words about 40 days ago, the officials and military officers might be worried, and some of them would object to the king’s proposal.

But now, after defeating the powerful and seemingly invincible expedition troops of Barcelona, everyone realized how powerful the king and Chambord were.

Aside from everything else, just the fact that Fei was now a god could shock the Northern Region of Azeroth and make the emperors of the empires in the north restless.

With the call of a god, Chambord could easily unite the Northern Region of Azeroth and fight for the dominating position on the continent.

Currently, Chambord had the strength and confidence to unite the Northern Region.

Fei’s first sentence dictated the foundation of today’s meeting.

In the next six hours, the core topics all involved the war.

The organization of soldiers, the protection of supply lines, the target selections…

All these topics were the centers of discussion.

Everyone in the palace looked proud and excited. All of them knew that they were participating in one of the most important meetings in this era, and the fate of the Northern Region of Azeroth would be altered.

Without question, this meeting was going to be documented in the history book, and the name of everyone here would be recorded forever as well. Traveling poets would make stories about them, and their legends would live on even if they died.

Just when the meeting was about to be over, a long and resonant bell suddenly sounded outside the palace.

A silver saint quickly ran into the palace and reported while kneeling on a single knee, “Your Majesty! The envoy from the Elf Clan in the Western Region appeared in the city, and this elf want to meet Your Majesty.”

All Chambordians in the palace were confused.

Since the Elf Clan appeared on the continent a year ago, it had been taking a neutral stance on things.

However, about half a year ago, it was rumored that due to the appearance of the new elf king, the Elf Clan was divided into the Blood Elf Clan, Night Elf Clan, and Green Elf Clan. Although the giant Elf Empire collapsed, the remaining strength couldn’t be neglected. Even the Barcelona Empire and the Madrid Empire that were superpowers in the Western Region of Azeroth showed the elves enough respect.

In the legends, the Elf Clan was haughty and didn’t like outsiders. They never liked dealing with humans, and the green elves were the most shut-in.

“Why did this clan send an envoy to Chambord? Is it something good or bad?” many Chambordians thought to themselves.

However, a strange smile appeared on Fei’s face, and he turned around and said to Torres, “Torres, go and bring this envoy from the Elf Clan here personally.”

“As you wish.”

Fei’s guard turned into a beam of light and dashed out.

All Chambordian officials and military officers chatted amongst themselves.

Under Fei’s management, Chambord was quite free. Since many people were ‘brainwashed’ by Chambord’s Civil and Military University, their thoughts and concepts weren’t stuck in the past, and they all had their own views instead of looking at situations the same.

However, this time, none of these Chambordians could guess why the envoy from the Elf Clan was here.

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