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Hail the King Chapter 1113.1

Chapter 1113: The Ancient Covenant (Part One)

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In just a few moments, people came in to report again.

Torres led the elf envoy into the Godly King Palace.

There was only one envoy. She was a beautiful female elf.

This elf’s skin was fair, her fingers were slender, and her face was exquisite. Her ears were slightly pointed, her long hair was green, and she had a comforting and pleasant aura around her.

When others saw her, they all sighed and thought, “The Elf Clan sure is just as what rumors had stated. They are all beautiful and have longevity. They seem to have all the good things in the world, and this is the perfect race.”

Fei smiled and said: “Ms. Tina, we meet again.”

This female elf was one of the two maids of Akinfeev, the half-elf who had the golden elf king bloodline and hid around the continent. This female elf’s name was Tina.

After about a year, Fei was surprised that this half-elf who was cautious and obstinate had become the envoy from the Elf Empire who had the aura of a superior. Also, her strength had skyrocketed to peak Full Moon Realm.

What surprised Fei the most was that Tina now had obtained a pure elf physique with some mysterious methods.

Now, it seemed like the handsome half-elf Akinfeev had completed Fei’s request.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.” Tina single-kneeled and formally greeted Fei.

On the two sides of the palace, the officials of Chambord all felt like it was within reason.

To these Chambordians, they felt like all this made sense since the King of Chambord was now a god. Even if these elves were extremely haughty, they should be this respectful.

These people didn’t know that this female elf was so respectful since everything that she and her master had was made possible by Fei.

“Please get up.”

Fei raised his hand, and a streak of mysterious force helped the female elf to stand up.

A bit of surprise appeared on Tina’s face.

After receiving the inheritance in the Elf Godly Palace and being cleansed by the Spring of Eternity, Tina’s strength had skyrocketed. Also, since she had switched to cultivating a Mythical Martial Scroll of the Elf Clan, she was more than 1,000 times more powerful than a year ago. However, before the King of Chambord, she still felt weak and defenseless.

Also, with her current strength and the [Eye of Truth] which was a secret technique of the Elf Clan, Tina still couldn’t tell how powerful the King of Chambord was.

When Tina got up, she finally saw the behemoth orc masters who were sitting on one side of the palace with respect. The surprise on her face turned into extreme shock.

The [Eye of Truth] told her that these ten behemoth orc masters were all demi-gods!

According to the records in the Elf Clan, it seemed like these ten orc masters were from the ten gold king clans of the Behemoth Orc Tribe. However, these orc masters looked humble and respectful. When looking at the King of Chambord who was sitting on his throne, they seemed to be fanatic believers of a god and worshipped this human king.

The way that these orc masters looked at Fei was no different from how loyal subordinates looked at their lords.

“Could it be that the Behemoth Orc Tribe is also conquered by the King of Chambord?”

At this moment, even Tina didn’t realize that she subconsciously used the word ‘also’ as she processed the information.

Right now, Tina finally agreed with her master’s decision of choosing Fei.

“Alexander Your Majesty, Elf King Akinfeev His Majesty asked me to come here with the alliance agreement. Our Green Elf Clan of the Elf Empire is willing to ally with Chambord. We will help each other when needed and face the same enemies.”

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