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Hail the King Chapter 1113.2

Chapter 1113: The Ancient Covenant (Part Two)

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While Tina said that, she took out a sheet of mystical green tree bark from the elf bracelet on her wrist.

This sheet of bark was interesting. Faint, hidden magic energy flowed on it, and it couldn’t be overlooked.

This was probably a unique magic treasure of the Elf Clan.

“This is one of the few ancient covenant scrolls that the Godly Palace in the Elf Empire has. Akinfeev His Majesty had dripped a drop of golden elf king blood onto it. If Your Majesty agrees to this covenant, you can drip a drop of your blood onto it. From that moment on, this covenant will be shielded by the gods and stars. Any party who breached this agreement shall be cursed by the laws of nature,” this female elf said in all seriousness.

At this moment, the Chambordians in the palace finally reacted.

“The Elf Clan is here to establish an alliance with Chambord?”

“Such a fortunate event? This is like free cake!”

Chambord and Zenit were about to wage war against Barcelona, and they had zero experience in such large-scale cross-regional warfare since almost no empires in the Northern Region of Azeroth had never done it before.

If Chambord were able to become an ally of the Elf Empire, a force that had a strong foothold in the Western Region of Azeroth, the difficulty would drastically decrease with their help.

Now, everyone could tell that the King of Chambord and this elf knew each other from before.

The cleverer people already guessed that this alliance was probably a part of the king’s secret setup from before.

Thinking of this, the officials of Chambord who were already subdued by the king’s intelligence worshipped him even more! They were almost all fanatic believers!

After hearing what Tina said, Fei laughed and raised his hand. Without even checking out the content of the covenant, a drop of golden blood flowed out of his index finger. Then, this drop of blood that contained noble and majestic presence slowly merged into the green and lively bark scroll.

An invisible energy wave instantly radiated outward from the scroll.

The golden mist started to flow out of the vivid green scroll. The golden mist transformed into golden strings and coiled around the scroll, and they continued to intertwine with the green energy inside. In the end, the bark scroll turned a bit golden while looking green. The golden color took more than one-third of the scroll, making the green bark look as if it was made from gold.

This meant that Fei’s strength took the absolute advantage in this covenant.

The shock that couldn’t be hidden appeared in Tina’s green eyes again.

It must be noted that except for the primitive power in this covenant, Elf King Akinfeev also dripped a drop of blood that contained his core energy into the covenant.

Although Akinfeev wasn’t born in the Elf Realm, the purity of his bloodline reached 100 percent after atavism took place. Also, after getting the inheritance in the Elf Godly Palace and being cleansed in the Spring of Eternity, he already obtained the godly physique.

Right now, Elf King Akinfeev’s strength and abilities already reached the peak of Demi-God Realm with one foot in the True God Realm.

However, it seemed like Akinfeev’s strength was still tightly suppressed by King Alexander of Chambord.

“This means…” Tina was shocked as she looked at Fei who was smiling at her.

“No wonder I couldn’t see this human’s true strength with the [Eye of Truth]. He already took that step forward…”

Now, Tina didn’t have any other thoughts in her mind. Although Akinfeev was crowned as the elf king and had the loyalty of tens of millions of elf warriors, it seemed like being loyal to this human was still the best and most correct decision.

After thinking everything through, Tina’s attitude became even more respectful.

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