Chapter 1114: Purification (Part One)

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With the additional alliance with the Elf Clan, Chambord was like a tiger that got a new pair of wings.

The rock that was hanging above Fei’s mind finally safely landed.

Akinfeev’s true identity was one of the 12 gold saints of Chambord, and he already swore his loyalty about a year ago and obtained a Star Saint Set, getting empowered by star energy.

Also, Fei had saved this new elf king’s life, and the latter didn’t forget that and abandon his promises. Even though he was now in a supreme position, he was still completely loyal to Fei.

Of course, only four people knew about this, and they were Fei, Akinfeev, and Akinfeev’s two maids.

Fei would continue to keep this secret.

After all, only the saber that was hidden in the dark was the most lethal.

After signing the covenant, Tina temporarily stayed in Chambord City.

On the other hand, Fei got two days to spend some rare personal time with his two queens, Angela and Elena.

Fei wasn’t sure what method Demonic Woman Paris used, but she got along with these two queens and became close with them. In these two days, Angela even invited the Demonic Woman to join them, and these three exceptionally beautiful women were like real sisters.

Also, Fei sensed that his two queens already figured out what happened between him and the Demonic Woman.

When these three beautiful women gathered together and looked at him, their stares all looked strange, but they weren’t angry.

The friendships between women were sometimes hard to understand.

Fei could tell that the Demonic Woman was working hard in secret for a better future. She was a smart woman and didn’t care about official titles. Also, she knew that if she wanted to live with Fei happily ever after, she must make Fei’s two queens truly accept her from the bottom of their hearts.

While getting close to the two queens, the Demonic Woman was touched by the two queens’ pure love for Fei. These two snow-like pure women both deeply loved Fei; this kind of love wasn’t inferior to her love for Fei which had been suppressed for about three years.

Fei suddenly felt like these three women gathered together were a terrifying force.

The Demonic Woman’s intelligence, Elena’s strength, and Angela’s charisma and ability to summon demon beasts…

It seemed like no empires in the Northern Region of Azeroth could even defeat these three beauties.

Fei suddenly felt that he was extremely fortunate.

Two days later, Fei appeared in the former Anji Empire.

This empire that was known as the ‘Little Lord of the North’ played with fire and created the Undead Creature Catastrophe. Right now, not a living being could be seen inside it.

The giant territory of the former Anji Empire was deadly yet dull.

If Fei didn’t set up many bright magic arrays around the border of this territory to stop the undead creatures from roaming outward, the zombies and mutated demon beasts could have spread across the entire Northern Region of Azeroth.

Fei appeared in the sky above the former Anji Empire.

Turbulent and boiling death energy could be sensed from below.

After close to a year of devouring each other and evolving, many emperor-level zombies had appeared and created their own territories. In fact, even zombie troops appeared… it seemed like a new race and a new social structure was gradually forming.

Fei sighed and lightly unleashed his power, and the sky and the land began to shake.

A series of angry roars instantly pierced through the clouds and into the sky from the ground.

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