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Hail the King Chapter 1114.2

Chapter 1114: Purification (Part Two)

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After evolving, many zombies and mutated demon beasts had rough intelligence, and they all cried in panic when they sensed the destructive force that was permeating the sky. They ran around as if it was the end of the world.

“The great and majestic existence! Please show mercy on us, the humble and pitiful beings!”

“Noble God! Please let us live.”

“We are willing to serve you as our lord! Please let us go…”

A series of spirit energy waves appeared on the ground and traveled into the sky. These emperor-level zombies were all begging.

These zombies already had intelligence, and they sensed their destruction. However, they couldn’t resist Fei’s power that was on the True God Realm and made their souls shiver, so they had to kneel on the ground and beg for mercy.

Fei hesitated for a moment.

However, he still decided to unleash his power in the next second.

Golden energy flames descended from the sky like water pouring down, and they instantly engulfed the vast land. Under the bright light of this golden energy, all zombies ranging from low-level zombies to emperor-level zombies quickly disintegrated like sand sculptures in tornadoes and turned into smoke before disappearing.

These zombies couldn’t fight against godly power.

A streak of painful cries resonated in the territory of the former Anji Empire, and the number of zombies in the area quickly decreased.

Since these creatures created by the power of hell couldn’t return to Hell, it was better for them to disappear.

Fei couldn’t let these emperor-level zombies survive and put the humans in the Northern Region of Azeroth at risk due to his pity for them. He couldn’t allow the threat of another Undead Creature Catastrophe to linger around.

In the history of the Azeroth Continent, the damage of Undead Creature Catastrophes to humans was shocking. Leaving these zombies to be was like burying a land mine on the continent. No one would know when it was going to explode, but one thing was for sure. Once it exploded, the zombies would bring destruction to humans.

Besides, the behemoth orcs were going to travel across the ocean and the Endless Sea of Forests, returning to the Azeroth Continent.

The territory of the former Anji Empire was a piece of land that Fei prepared for the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

Now, Fei was the Beast Emperor, so he had to take over Entus’ responsibilities and care for the future of the orcs. He couldn’t place the orcs in the danger of the potential outbreak of the Undead Creature Catastrophes.

In less than an hour, Fei completely purified this territory that was once stained by the power of hell.

The deadly undead energy finally disappeared on this land.

After being purified by Fei’s godly power, this stained land finally recovered its vitality.

The withered trees, grass, and flowers became vibrant and green again, the viscous and dirty river became clear, and greeneries appeared on stone hills that were monotone.

Then, cold winds blew on the grassland, and clear raindrops started to fall from the sky and nurture everything in the area.

It seemed like a black-and-white photo became a lively and vibrant world.

This land became suitable for living beings again.

From the hundreds of millions of zombies and undead creatures, Fei obtained a vast amount of mystical energy, and he sucked it all into the grand godly realm to increase his degree of fusion with it.

After doing all that, Fei went to the Capital of Anji.

Since a year ago, this ancient and majestic city has already started to have some vitality.

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  2. I think the author forgot again cuz wasn’t Fei’s necromancy character supposed to be of great importance in the Undead Catastrophe arch?…yet it was never used

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