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Hail the King Chapter 1115.2

Chapter 1115: Reward (Part Two)

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In the endless white beach, there were many giant craters and magic item components scattered around them. These were the aftermath of the failed magic experiments.

Further away, waves were surging on the blue ocean, and white bubbles rolled.

Close to 1,000 university students who had the most primitive Chambordian bloodline were busy working here.

Only about half a year passed in the outside world, but the speed of time was different in this place. To these hardworking students, more than ten years had passed. Their faces that looked naïve and young now seemed mature and steady.

For the rise of Chambord, these people stayed inside this boring and monotone world and sacrificed themselves in silence. Several years were just like a day to them.

These people were all the unnamed heroes of Chambord.

The only things that didn’t change were Cain and Akara’s old faces, which made them seem like old monsters.

Although more than ten years had passed in this dimension, it seemed like nothing happened to these two mad scientists. Not even an extra wrinkle could be seen on their faces.

When Fei appeared before them, these two only froze for a split-second before lowering their heads and continuing their work. They didn’t even look surprised or joyous.

Fei smiled.

The king clearly saw that Cain’s hands shivered and placed an earth-elemental component onto a water-elemental magic crossbow, and Akara instantly turned a magic array blueprint that was 99 percent completed into something like Picasso’s abstract painting.

“These two old people are still trying to act,” Fei thought to himself as he walked up and gave each of them a hug.

To these two mad scientists, this was a hug that they received after ten years of not seeing Fei.

“You kid…” Cain finally couldn’t act anymore, and a bright smile appeared on his wrinkled face.

Akara also smiled and showed a cracked tooth.

This was the first time that Fei saw Akara smile so brightly.

“Huh? Your tooth…” Fei instantly started to laugh ‘heartlessly’.

Before he could finish, Akara’s bright smile turned gloomy, and she rushed over and landed many punches onto Fei’s body.

The king could only clench his teeth and endure the ‘beating’. He didn’t even dare to use his power to shield himself, afraid that the impulsive force might injury Akara who was going ham.

The soldiers outside the tent sensed the disturbance, and they rushed inside to check.

Seeing this, the soldiers all lowered their heads and exited the tent in silence as if they didn’t see anything.

After exiting, these soldiers looked at each other, covered their mouths, and laughed. It was rare to see the king in such an embarrassing situation.

This was why the king was so likable and obtained the loyalty of all Chambordians. Although he was dignified in public, he was friendly and playful in private settings.

“This is our king!” the soldiers all thought to themselves with pride.

About an hour later, everyone in this small world, who rarely stopped working, got ready to participate in the banquet that the king prepared for them.

Fei took out the best liquor and the delicious meat that he harvested in the [Vicious Swamp] on the [Banished Land] to treat these students and soldiers, and the latter got to enjoy feasting on great delicacies.

To add to the atmosphere, the king even used his godly power and covered the sky of this small world, creating the beautiful scenery of a night sky that showed many brilliant stars.

The campfires illuminated everyone’s face, and many people got drunk.

To all these people, this night was unforgettable in their lives.

Of course, Cain and Akara were the exceptions.

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