Chapter 1116: Three-Eyed Demonic God (Part One)

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As soon as the banquet was over, Fei was dragged away by the two mad scientists to run all kinds of experiments.

To Cain and Akara, having a god to serve them in experiments was a dream-like, perfect setup.

After all, only gods could freely create many conditions that were only hypothetical and not feasible in the real world.

This task took more than ten days out of the king’s schedule.

After doing all the experiments, Fei was so tired that he almost collapsed onto the ground. Even when he battled Busquets and other demi-gods, it wasn’t this exhausting.

The king was almost depleted of all his godly power under the command of these two mad scientists, and he had the urge to escape from this place.

On the good side, these more than ten days of experiments yielded in many fruits.

With Fei’s help, the 4,000 mystical gold war puppets were completely modified.

Out of all the silver crystals that came back to the Azeroth Continent with Fei, 4,000 of them were meticulously selected and placed in the war puppets. With Fei’s help as a god, the two mad scientists re-modified these terrifying war weapons, creating battle puppets that were invincible in front of peak mid-tier demi-gods.

Chambord’s strength was exploding at a shocking speed.

There was a total of 5,000 silver crystal battle soul warriors, and they were equivalent to 5,000 supreme masters who had invincible bodies and high-level battle intelligence.

This force was stunning! Once they showed themselves, the entire Northern Region of Azeroth could be wiped through.

Even on the entire Azeroth Continent, there wasn’t another powerhouse that had this level of strength aside from the mysterious Holy Church that had immense wealth, strength, and history.

If Barcelonans learned the true strength of Chambord, they would be regretting their decision of triggering such a force and making it into their enemy.

After all that, Fei still had close to 10,000 silver crystals on his hands.

According to the plan, the next step for the arsenal of Chambord was to create normal war puppets with [Demons’ Remains] and [Black Iron Essence].

Although normal war puppets wouldn’t be as rare and sturdy as mystical gold war puppets, they wouldn’t be inferior in terms of magic conductivity. More importantly, after they were created, the same magic arrays could be engraved inside of them, and silver crystals could be placed inside.

In theory, Chambord already had another ‘robot force’ aside from the mystical gold battle soul warriors.

Perhaps these new war puppets were inferior in terms of quality and combat strength, they could still have a dominating advantage with their sheer number.

A troop made up of more than 10,000 Moon-Class Elites was still deadly to any empire on the continent.

According to what Cain and Akara said, it would take at least ten years for such a troop to form.

However, this wasn’t an issue for Fei.

After all, with this small world that had a different speed of time, ten years in this place was equivalent to a little over half a year in the outside world.

Of course, the creation of the secondary war puppets wasn’t a top priority.

The most important task was to finish creating the super-long-distance teleportation arrays that the Behemoth Orc Tribe needed for the mass migration.

Fortunately, Torres already brought back the order when he came back last time, so the arsenal of Chambord and the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory had created more than 6,000 portable super-long-distance teleportation arrays.

These unique magic arrays were going to be delivered back to Chambord City as soon as possible.

After arranging everything inside this small world, Fei took his leave.

Again, the king appeared in the sealed space outside the small world.

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