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Hail the King Chapter 1116.2

Chapter 1116: Three-Eyed Demonic God (Part Two)

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This space was still silent, dark, and mysterious.

Out of more than 100 giant sealed eggs, Fei chose the smallest one. Then, he condensed a weak streak of his godly power and extended it outward. It went through the godly blood chains, penetrated the sphere of light underneath, and entered this sealed egg.

The king wanted to know what kind of a demon was sealed in here.

Before coming in, Fei already made the decision.

If possible, he was going to kill all the demons that were sealed inside this space and put an end to these potential risks.

Fei’s godly power was the purest and golden. Therefore, when his energy got close, the godly blood chains that were around the sealed egg didn’t repel it away, and it entered the sealed egg with ease.

A mystical scene was passed back to Fei’s mind.

This was a dark and gloomy prison cell.

The eye-piercing light could only sprinkle into the cell through the thin slit between the iron door and the door frame.

The ground looked crude with some thin cracks, and there was a rusty metal bowl with a rotten meal inside. It seemed like worms were already wriggling inside the meal.

In the corner of the dark cell, there was a weak young woman who was curled up, and she looked as thin as a skeleton. She was covered in a thin layer of corroded rough cloth, and she was holding a little girl in her arms. This little girl also looked like her skin was directly wrapping around her bones. It seemed like these two people were struggling to stay alive.

At this moment, it seemed like these two females sensed Fei’s power.

The poor woman looked up, and it seemed like she looked directly into Fei’s eyes through the sealed egg. With tears in her eyes, she said, “Please, I beg you. Good person, please save us! Please save this poor mother and daughter.”

Fei froze for a second, and an uncontrollable sympathy spread in his mind, especially when the little girl looked up. Her big eyes were crystal-clear, and she looked naïve. It seemed like she was looking forward to the greatness outside and had high hopes toward Fei.

This pair of eyes almost instantly destroyed Fei’s rationality.

However, the last bit of cautions in the back of Fei’s head stopped him, and he didn’t act on his emotions.

Streaks of vast golden godly power radiated outward from Fei’s body, instantly getting rid of the strange emotions that Fei sensed.

“Damn demon!” Fei roared, and the streak of godly power that was already inside the sealed egg turned into a saber of light and chopped toward the mom and daughter.

“Hahahahaha!” The shrill and hysterical laughter resonated in the sealed egg like the cry of an owl, and the dark prison cell and rotten food in the rusty metal bowl instantly disappeared. The mom and daughter who were shivering in the corner also turned into a puff of black smoke.

When the black smoke disappeared, everything changed.

A giant three-eyed monster that was more than 100 meters tall stood in an endless desert. Its mouth was pointy, and its teeth were sharp. It looked like a tree monster with all the iron-needle-like hair around it, and it was engulfed in black mist. The black mist contained terrifying corrosive force, and even the air sizzled due to its power.

A vicious smile appeared on this monster’s ugly face, and it looked up and roared, “That damn God Clan! Let me out! Let me out!”

“This must be one of the 108 Pillar Demonic Gods of Hell, right?” Fei thought to himself as cold sweat appeared.

The king was almost fooled by the illusion that this monster created and released it.

This demonic god was terrifying. It had three eyes, and it seemed like the middle vertical eye had the power to break others’ minds and create endless mist and illusions. Even gods could be fooled by these illusions.

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