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Hail the King Chapter 1117.1

Chapter 1117: Last Preparation (Part One)

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If this three-eyed demonic god weren’t imprisoned inside this sealed egg for a long time and didn’t deplete too much of its strength, Fei would have been fooled by the illusion.

Fei tried to use his godly power to refine this demonic god and turn it into its core energy, but the king soon discovered that with his current strength, he would need at least more than ten years to do that with this demonic god.

No wonder the god who dealt with these 108 demonic gods only sealed them in this space rather than eliminating them. It would be too tough to completely wipe out these demonic gods.

In the end, Fei also gave up the idea of killing these demonic gods. In fact, he didn’t even try to test other sealed eggs.

After spending about half a day, Fei used his golden godly blood to strengthen the godly blood chains that wrapped around the sealed eggs that weren’t broken. Then, the king brought the first batch of portable super-long-distance magic teleportation arrays to Chambord City from the Capital of Anji.

Due to the different speed of time in the small world, Fei only stayed in the Capital of Anji for a day from the perspective of the outside world.

-The second day-


A streak of powerful energy fluctuation appeared in the forest behind the Back Mountain of Chambord.

Then, a joyous expression appeared on Fei’s face.

“This presence… hehe, it seems like Shaarawy finally understood it and made a breakthrough.”

A few days ago, Fei taught these foreign young lords such as Shaarawy as well as masters of Chambord such as Lampard and Hazel Bank the secret of how to make that giant leap between mortals and gods. Although Fei didn’t use the methods that he read in the books which he got in the [Banished Land], they were useful to these supreme masters. Although these supreme masters had different strength levels, they were powerful enough to understand the secret of becoming gods.

After receiving Fei’s teachings, these people decided to go into seclusive cultivation.

Only a few days had passed, and Shaarawy already obtained some inspiration.

Just as Fei was about to go and congratulate Shaarawy, something else happened.


Boom! Boom!

Several powerful and vast streaks of energy appeared behind Chambord City.

Milito and Cassano also got out of their cultivation almost at the same time.

“Hahahaha!” Shaarawy’s signature heroic laughter sounded in the air.

Three light beams shot across the sky, and these three young lords almost instantly appeared before Fei.

Fei nodded and thought, “Although these three haven’t reached the True God Realm and condensed their divinities, they already condensed vast amounts of power of faith. Right now, they are planting the seeds into their realms, starting the first step toward becoming gods.”

These three young lords were all respected and admired by hundreds of millions of people in the Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire. Therefore, Fei expected them to condense a lot of power of faith.

“Hahaha! Alexander! I really have to thank you this time!” Shaarawy didn’t try to hide his excitement.

In reality, after he became a supreme master, Shaarawy had never been so excited before except for when he became brothers with Fei by the no-name lake in the Endless Sea of Forests.

Although he hadn’t condensed divinity yet, he already broke through the barrier between mortals and gods, and he would become a god eventually. That was why he was so excited.

“We were planning to come here to help Chambord defend the city, but we ended up receiving so many benefits. Alexander, words can’t express our gratitude. If Chambord needs us in the future in any way, we will come as soon as we can.” Milito who was usually silent formally bowed toward Fei even though the latter tried to stop him.

“Hahaha! You two are so formal!” Cassano pouted in disdain and laughed at Milito and Shaarawy. Then, he threw his arms around Fei’s shoulder while winking at the king.

“Hehe, we are gay friends forever.”

[TL Note: In China, gay friends is a popular internet slang. It is used to say that two males are great friends.]

Fei was at a loss for words and thought, “Damn! You just learned the term from me; don’t use it randomly when you don’t know the meaning.”

“The war in the Central Region of Azeroth is intense and crucial. Since Chambord City is fine, we have to leave as soon as we can. Now that you plan to start an expedition to the Western Region of Azeroth, we might be able to fight alongside each other.” Milito was more reserved and considerate. After saying farewell, these young lords turned into light beams and disappeared into the sky.

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