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Hail the King Chapter 1117.2

Chapter 1117: Last Preparation (Part Two)

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Fei waved his hand and said his farewells to them as well.

What the young lords said was correct. Right now, the Holy Church and the Dragon Clan were about to destroy the world through the war in the Central Region of Azeroth.

The war between the AC Milan Empire, Inter Milan Empire, and Juventus Empire was even more intense. Shaarawy and others were the core masters in their empires, and they were only able to come to Chambord to help after squeezing out some time. Now that Chambord finished the war, they had to rush back to handle the situation in the Central Region.

As to Pato and Palacio, they were going to rush back after they get out of their cultivation.

As soon as Fei returned to the Godly King Palace, Brook quickly rushed over.

“Your Majesty, great news. Great news!” Brook already advanced to Moon-Class and obtained the Star Saint Set of Libra, yet he still focused on the operation of the military and worked diligently. In the last while, it was hard to see him smile this brightly.

“Oh? What good news?” Fei signaled Brook to sit down and speak slowly.

“Haha! Great news! The Jax Empire, Leon Empire, St. Germain Empire, and Marseille Empire all sent envoys to Chambord, and they are willing to establish alliances with Chambord with Your Majesty being the leader. They are willing to listen to your orders!” Brook laughed and said, “The envoys are already here with alliance covenants! Now, we can unite the Northern Region without using the military!”

Fei smiled and said, “Alliance? When Barcelona was dominating over Zenit, where were they? Now that they are afraid of our strength, they want to come here and be allies? They sure are shameless.”

Fei waved his hand and continued, “Now, Zenit doesn’t need allies in the Northern Region. We only need subordinates and affiliated nations. Brook, please tell the envoys that if they are willing to surrender to Zenit and listen to our commands, we will let the current royal families rule over their current territories. Otherwise, they can prepare for war.”

Brook froze; he didn’t expect the king who seemed to lack ambition and desire for power to be so dominating this time.

Of course, Brook didn’t know that Fei had to use such an iron force to tightly unite the Northern Region as a whole. Only when all forces in the region were willing to listen to all commands could they unleash the greatest amount of strength. After all, they had to face the enemies known as the Polluters who destroyed the Mythical Era.

Therefore, the king didn’t need allies who were loosely organized and might disobey orders; he needed a giant empire that was centralized and able to deal with the powerful future enemies.

Brook quickly understood Fei’s intent, and he thought to himself, “Oh, this is my bad. I still haven’t gotten used to Chambord’s power level right now, and I’m thinking in the old ways. Right now, the Chambord Kingdom and Zenit Empire are powerful enough to wipe through the entire region; it is only a matter of time. We don’t need to walk on thin ice and aim for survival.”

“Also, send envoys to the Alania Empire and tell them to prepare farming tools, food, horses, seeds, and other necessary exploration tools. We need to provide all kinds of benefits to the orcs who are about to arrive.” Fei thought for a moment and handed the task of helping the orcs settle down in the former Anji Empire to Alanians.

Now that Fei was the Father of the Nation to Alanians, his status and influence were huge. This task would be completed with no issues.

After discussing with Brook for a while, Fei took the many portable super-long-distance teleportation arrays and the orc masters to the Endless Sea of Forests, getting ready to receive the behemoth orcs who were on the way.

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