Chapter 1118: Barcelonans’ Anger and Fear (Part One)

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-The Western Region of Azeroth-

This was a mystical and vast land, and it has nurtured many top-tier masters and giant empires.

Out of all forces, the Barcelona Empire and Madrid Empire were at the very top. Their strength, wealth, and history were all ranked among the top when compared to all empires on the continent.

In the last 100 years, the Barcelona Empire valued the cultivation of talents, and it created La Masia Royal Academy, the so-called No.1 Military Academy on Azeroth, creating many shiny and unparalleled geniuses.

Out of all the geniuses, [God’s Son] Messi was the most famous. He was known as the most talented genius that the continent had ever seen in the last 1,000 years. In just a few dozen years, he became the most powerful figure in the Western Region of Azeroth, and he could rival Continental Martial Saint Maradona who had been acting lowkey in recent years.

Since many super-geniuses such as Messi came out of the La Masia Military Academy, the Barcelona Empire was at a dominating advantage in the wars against its nemesis, the Madrid Empire. In the last three crucial wars in recent years, Barcelona crushed Madrid and almost surrounded Bernabéu, the Capital of Madrid.

Wherever Barcelona pointed its finger and sent its soldiers, the region shook in fear.

Under such great and irreversible momentum, Barcelona already secured the title as the No.1 Military Empire on Azeroth.

More importantly, Barcelona had a close relationship with the Holy Church.

It was heard that Platini, an influential figure in the Holy Church, believed in the theory behind La Masia, and one-third of his bloodline was the Catalonia Bloodline.

Platini had a unique relationship with the Royal Family of Barcelona, and he supported the troops of Barcelona several times in public, defeating the troops of Madrid. Also, he had a close relationship with [God’s Son] Messi.

Some rumors even stated that Messi was Platini’s love child. This just went to show how close these two people were.

Barcelona was already the No.1 Military Empire on the continent, and it was a natural ally of the Holy Church. Therefore, Barcelona was like the royal guard of Azeroth. It was involved in several wars between empires in the Western Region and other regions, and no force dared to go against it when it issued an order.

However, such a giant force suffered the most unimaginable defeat in the history of Barcelona.

No one expected this outcome!

Barcelona sent four core generals, Busquets, Mascherano, Pedro, and Alves, who were all demi-gods. Also, more than 600,000 elite Barcelonan soldiers were under their command. Their enemy was only a level 1 empire in the weak Northern Region, but they actually lost! The result was that the expeditionary troop was almost completely wiped out!

When Busquets, Pedro, and Alves, these three former supreme masters, returned to Camp Nou with their cultivation strength destroyed, the entire empire became enraged! Sending these three people back was like slapping Barcelona in the face.

“How is this possible?”

“What exactly happened?”

“Who? Who stopped our military?”

“Could it be that the damn b*stards of Madrid went to the Northern Region to ambush our warriors?”

“Is this a punishment from the gods?”

Hearing the tragic defeat in the Northern Region of Azeroth, the entire Barcelona Empire fell into a state of disbelief and anxiety. People ranging from civilians to nobles all started to chat, and bedlam broke loose.

The entire empire was in a sad and angry state, and they wanted to seek the truth behind this defeat.

“This is an unacceptable shame!”

“The Imperial Military Headquarters must be responsible for this defeat!”

“Blatant negligence! They didn’t do their job properly! As a result, more than 600,000 warriors of the empire died in another region due to the Imperial Military Headquarters’ mistakes!”

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