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Hail the King Chapter 1118.2

Chapter 1118: Barcelonans’ Anger and Fear (Part Two)

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“Who should be responsible for this defeat?”

“Revenge! We must punish the Zenitians! They must pay for what they did with their blood, and they better start praying now!”

“Wash Zenit with the blood of its own citizens! Wipeout all Zenitians!”

“Wipeout the entire Northern Region of Azeroth!”

The news about the defeat quickly spread in the Barcelona Empire like an unstoppable plague.

Barcelonan civilians and nobles were already used to victories and wins.

Now, these people were like enraged hedgehogs and let out roars, seeking revenge. They couldn’t understand how the expeditionary troop of Barcelona that was led by several supreme masters was defeated in such a shameful fashion, losing to the barbarians in the Northern Region.

Under the influence of extreme rage and shame, the entire Barcelona Empire fell into indescribable anxiety and became a little irrational.

The public wanted to seek revenge for the expeditionary troop of Barcelona, and they also wanted to hold the Imperial Military Headquarters responsible for this defeat.

The public believed that some people in the military headquarters were grossly negligent at their jobs or committed treason. In their minds, the weak Zenitians in the Northern Region were poor countrymen and couldn’t have defeated the invincible Barcelonan military.

-Camp Nau, the Capital of Barcelona-

The entire city was engulfed in an anxious atmosphere.

The atmosphere in the Royal Palace also seemed intense and serious.

Several hundreds of super influential figures of Barcelona quietly sat in the stone chairs on both sides of the palace, and their faces were so dark that it seemed like rainwater was about to pour out. Right now, they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

In the middle of the palace, there were three stone beds, and the three white-haired seniors already changed into red and blue silk robes and were resting and half-unconscious.

Not a single Barcelonan wanted to believe that these three weak seniors were once the top-tier generals of Barcelona who all Barcelonans were proud of. Right now, they were so weak that it seemed like even wind could blow them into the air; they weren’t the same supreme masters who brought endless glory to Barcelona.

When the expeditionary troop set off about half a year ago, some Barcelonans mocked the Imperial Military Headquarters for being too cautious, using four demi-gods and more than 600,000 elite soldiers to conquer a barbaric, foolish, and small empire.

Now, no one dared to say such things again.

The people who held seats in the Royal Palace were all influential figures of Barcelona, and they had great privileges in this giant empire.

Unlike ordinary civilians and small nobles, these people had powerful backgrounds and great information channels. They knew that this defeat wasn’t an accident as the ordinary Barcelonans believed.

In fact, when these figures read the detailed war reports and summaries of the defeat, every one of them felt their hearts trembling.

Only these people who truly understood the reason for the defeat realized that Barcelona deserved to lose this war.

More importantly, it seemed like the military of Barcelona that was unrivaled in the last long while triggered a terrifying enemy.

The King of Chambord, his warriors, and his military were powerful enough to threaten Barcelona.

Barcelona was like a strong boxer who wanted to punch down a beggar with a heavy punch but was instead shocked to find that the fist hit a heavy-weight boxing champion.

Right now, many people in the Royal Palace were looking straight down at the ground.

Even the top-tier officials of the Imperial Military Headquarters who loved to brag tightly shut their mouths.

Only a few military officers shot several glances at [God’s Son] Messi who was sitting at the front of the palace.

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