Chapter 1119: We Need Time (Part One)

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This most powerful man in the empire, the pride of the nation, had been to the Northern Region of Azeroth as well.

However, the war between Barcelona and Madrid grew too intense. [Demonic General] Mourinho and [Madrid’s Battle God] Ronaldo gathered and put too much pressure on the defense line of Barcelona. Therefore, Messi had to return to Barcelona before the war against Zenit was over.

“If [God’s Son] didn’t return early…” After thinking of this possibility, everyone grew even more shocked.

They somehow realized that after reading the reports of the war, they became doubtful toward the battle god of Barcelona for the first time.

After all, everything around the King of Chambord was too legendary.

Also, all information showed that the King of Chambord wasn’t weaker than Messi; this king was also a god.

Messi sat in his seat quietly.

Of course, this man also sensed the stares coming from his peers, but he completely ignored such looks.

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t look at these three old figures who were in the center of the palace and once battled alongside him around the continent.

Messi had been looking at the depths of the palace.

In there, a wall of red and blue energy flames burned, and it seemed to be a spatial barrier. The flames burned and moved like flowing mercury, and there were an indescribable pressure and powerful sensation.

A cold and desolate voice sounded from behind the energy flames.

“Quickly grasp onto Chambordians’ magic puppet technology.”

This voice sounded extremely impatient as this person didn’t even want to say a single unnecessary word.

As soon as this person spoke, the red and blue energy flames gradually disappeared, revealing a stone statue that looked ancient and was filled with vicissitude. Then, nothing else happened after that.

“As you wish, the great Emperor Guardiola.”

Everyone in the Royal Palace stood up with respect and kneeled on all fours, including Messi. Then, they returned to their own seats.

After Emperor Guardiola made his appearance, [God’s Son] Messi was going to host the rest of the meeting.

It had always been like this.

About ten years ago, Emperor Guardiola had stopped dealing with the operation of the empire. From that moment on, it seemed like [God’s Son] Messi controlled everything in the empire, and Emperor Guardiola would only appear with red and blue energy flames around him and issue orders and edicts when major events happened where the future of the empire was greatly affected.

After Barcelona lost in the Northern Region of Azeroth, Emperor Guardiola actually showed himself. It seemed like this mysterious emperor also believed that the Chambord Kingdom and the King of Chambord could threaten the future of Barcelona.

“Your Highness.”

Everyone turned their eyes to Messi.

“Prepare for war.” Messi’s expression was cold and chilly, but his tone was filled with decisiveness and fearlessness. Everyone in the Royal Palace got worked up, and they were shocked by Messi’s simple response. They instantly understood that the extremely important life-and-death battle was really going to come.

At this moment, a series of reports sounded outside the Royal Palace.

A guard who was wearing red and blue royal armor ran into the Royal Palace, kneeled in the center of the palace, and raised a document above his head.

Messi raised his hand, and the document flew onto his palm.

Then, this man opened the scroll and read it. His face was so calm that no one could tell what just happened from his expression.

“Everyone can read it.” Messi opened his hand, and the document automatically flew into the hands of Head Minister Tito.

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