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Hail the King Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Traps Everywhere

Just like Cech and Brooks’ miserable previous encounter after taking the [Hulk Potion], Pierce and Drogba also couldn’t digest the potion inside their body in time. Although the severe pain had gone away, their bodies still retained an obvious green color, which was even greener than Brook’s and the others due to having inferior strength. The muscular men all stood there, and it looked like twenty or so green cacti popped out of nowhere in the Stone Hall all of a sudden.

“Don’t worry, when you guys fully absorb the drug, this side effect will eventually disappear.”

Fei called Essien, Shaquille O’Neal and Kahn out from the crowd, and then threw them a secret scroll about cultivating energy and a water elemental [Chipped Sapphire]. These three people were all blue water energy descendants, and there were three one-star level water elemental energy scrolls in Chambord City’s royal collection, so it was just enough for these three men. After being refined and transformed by the [Hulk Potion], the width and toughness of the energy channels inside their bodies far exceeded an average person’s, and they could even be regarded as being highly talented. Additionally, with the assistance of a sapphire of the same element, they could probably reach a breakthrough within a short period of time.

The other muscular men that didn’t get equipment or other rewards could only scratch the back of their heads, drooling while laughing foolishly. They looked at Fei with watery, innocent and pure eyes, as if a bunch of babies wanted milk from their mommy Fei.

Fei had black lines going down his forehead as he waved his arm, driving out these cacti that were trying to play cute out of the stone hall.

In fact, these strongmen all understood deep down inside. The inventory of a sixth-class subsidiary country was too shabby, so His Majesty was probably poor after taking out these equipment and potions. Therefore, they didn’t complain, and at least they all received a strength boost from the [Hulk Potion]. Besides, those people that Fei had named for a reward were all their companions that had the most prominent achievements. That was why they could only envy them and not get jealous.

After finishing that, Fei quietly stood in the stone hall.

Suddenly, with a single thought, Fei changed to [Assassin Mode].

A force of power different from the Paladin’s “spiritual power”, Sorcerer’s “magic power”, Necromancer’s “dead air”, Barbarian’s “brutal force” and Druid’s “natural energy”, started surging up in the stone hall.

Assassins were a very special class in the Diablo world. According to Fei’s past life memories, Blizzard said that this class was based on the foundation of the secret Chinese martial art, and now this was proven by Fei, because in [Assassin Mode], there was energy running in his body called [Spirit].

The spirit energy gave Fei the feeling that it fit very well with the description of the energy described in many Wuxia novels he read in his past life.

“A total of 18 channels!”

Fei closed his eyes and carefully felt the energy flow in his body, and he noticed that the so-called [Spirit] ran in his body through a total of 18 routes. Each route was a complete and independent path, but they also connected to each other, just like a maze opening up in his body. Warm air was circling this maze, constantly nourishing his flesh.

Also, the direction that the [Spirit] travelled was very similar to the energy flow in the channels on Azeroth Continent.

Fei thought for a moment and picked up a one-star water elemental energy scroll, which he copied down by hand for his own use. Fei carefully read through it and noticed that this scroll only described 8 passages, and these 8 passages were all included in the 18 passages that were running inside Fei’s body.

“Could it be that these so-called energy passages in Azeroth actually refer to the paths that spirit travels inside the Assassin character? Then, does the quality of an energy scroll correspond to the number of passages it describes?”

This discovery made Fei vaguely aware of something.

If it really was like what he thought, then Fei maybe could maybe just study the 18 passages in his body and create sets of higher level energy scrolls out of thin air. One-star energy scrolls contained 8 energy passages, but Fei currently already had 18 passages in his body. He could imitate these 18 spirit flow paths to explore the 10 additional passages, and that would allow him to create high level energy scrolls of at least 3 stars!

If that really was the case, then obtaining more energy scrolls for Chambord City would be like gifting firewood to homes in the winter.

“However, this matter still needs further verification. Unfortunately, the best energy scroll in Chambord City is only at the one-star level, so I can’t infer much…” Fei gently closed the manuscript in his hands, and suddenly his eyes lit up. “Oh right, Uncle Lampard is a three-star level master, so he definitely knows about more energy channels. I’ll just ask him later and all the mysteries will be revealed.”

Fei thought about this and couldn’t help but feel rejoiced.

He got up and slowly walked towards the center of the stone hall, channeling the spirit energy inside his body and feeling every running paths’ specific location. Suddenly, he lowered his waist and delivered a blow.


A roaring tiger’s phantom image vividly shot out from Fei’s fist.


That giant rock on the ground that was previously split by Pierce’s Excalibur exploded, shattering into a pile of rubble. The room was filled with hot air.

This was assassin’s skill [Tiger Strike].

This skill used spirit to channel successive charges which magnified the damage potential, and its power was incredible.


Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang!

The silhouette of a man flickered within the stone hall; Fei’s fist were covered in a terrifying red flame. His fists were like shooting stars, while his feet were like machetes, moving faster and faster. In the end, his entire body turned into a black whirlwind, and his movement were no longer clearly visible. Only after ten seconds did the whirlwind dissipate. He stopped, and the dozen stone chairs on the ground already turned into black powder.

Fei had learned all the skills in [Assassin Mode].

Next, he would start his plan.

The assassin’s skill [Burst of Speed] activated, and Fei’s body was covered by a thin layer of thin fog. In a flash, he disappeared like a ghost from the stone hall.

In the underground stone cave, no one actually knew when Fei left.

Two hours later, a light breeze suddenly appeared in the stone hall. A thin fog lightly spread in the air, and Fei appeared in the stone hall again.

He quickly walked to the stone table, picked up the quill pen and started drawing on a parchment scroll. As his quill pen kept on going up and down, Fei’s sketching skills from his past life showed its value once more, and a lifelike back mountain terrain of Chambord City gradually appeared.

Fei carefully checked the drawing, and after he confirmed that there was no problem with it, he changed to another red quill pen and started carefully labelling it with all sorts of strange marks.

After a dozen minutes, Prison Official Oleg was summoned to the stone hall.

“Carefully remember this picture, carefully remember it! At all the critical positions and intersections, I’ve already planted tons of lethal traps, covering all the blind spots the guards can’t cover. There are only 3 safe passages to go in and out, which are outlined by these red lines…” Fei pointed at the map on the parchment. With a serious face, he carefully explained, “This mark means fire, this mark means thunder… remember, wherever you see this mark on the map means that there are many traps there. Tell the patrolling soldiers to avoid these places. As for the specific patrol routes and frequency, I will let you plan them. This is very important; you must complete it before tonight. Tell all the soldiers to retreat for now in order to avoid any accidental injuries!

Warden Oleg hid his inner horror, carefully held the map, and began to memorize all the trap marks on it to design the best patrol routes.

As for Fei, he left the underground stone cave riding his big black dog.

Under Fei’s guidance, the big black dog continued jumping between the rocks and trees, slowly moving forward in a strange route. It had to carefully avoid some terrifying hidden traps.

Now, the entire back mountain region of Chambord City was a place of death.

Within the two hours Fei went out, he used all the trap-laying skills in [Assassin Mode] and planted a large amount of thunder and fire traps in the forbidden areas of the back mountain of Chambord City. Now, the back mountain was covered with large amounts of magic traps like [Shock Web], [Lightning Sentry], [Wake of Fire], etc., with each one containing terrifying energy. If someone invaded the mountain and triggered the magic traps, then a large amount of thunder and flame would immediately spew out. One-star warriors would be killed instantly, while two-star warriors would barely be able to hold on for awhile. If three-star warriors were lucky, they could possibly escape from the traps.

These were all the necessary preventive measures Fei took.

The Assassin class’s trap-laying skill helped Fei out a lot, solving the problem of the lack of elites and guards in Chambord City. For Fei, he could now free his hands to prepare for the upcoming storm clouds. Chambord City was facing a huge unknown risk, so Fei had to completely exert himself.

Tomorrow would be the official date of the canonization ceremony. Riding on the back of [Black Whirlwind], Fei looked up towards the magnificent sight of the mountain under the sunset; this would be the place where the ceremony would be held.

He felt a wave of excitement, and then a wave of tension.

If he didn’t guess wrong, then all the questions he had would be answered by tomorrow morning, at the top of the Eastern Mountain – that would be the moment when his enemies could remove their disguises and bare their fangs.

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