Chapter 1120: Is He Still the Smiling Young Man? (Part One)

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Eight days ago, Emperor Fuji of Jax came to Chambord City personally and bowed toward Emperor Alexander in public, showing that the Jax Empire was willing to surrender to the Zenit Empire.

Seven days ago, the former dominating force in the Northern Region, the Leon Empire, sent King Buckingham to Chambord, telling Zenit that they were willing to listen to Zenit’s orders. Then, Emperor Leo of Alania and envoys from many empires in the Northern Region came here to pay their respects to Fei.

Five days ago, the Inter Milan Empire and MC Milan Empire in the Central Region, the Madrid Empire in the Western Region, the Manchester United Empire, Liverpool Empire, and Arsenal Empire in the Eastern Region, and the Munich Empire and the Empire Alliance led by Ormond Empire in the Southern Region…

These superpowers and giant empires that were supreme and arrogant in the eyes of Zenit all lowered their stance and sent envoys to Zenit to congratulate Fei on becoming the new emperor.

The turn of events that Zenit was experiencing was too sudden.

From St. Petersburg being conquered and Zenitians becoming refugees to Zenit growing into the superpower in the Northern Region and getting congratulated by thousands of empires, fewer than three months had passed.

Such speed made many Zenitians feel like they were dreaming! They couldn’t believe what they were experiencing!

Everyone still remembered that when the new Emperor Alexander officially became the ruler of the land, the emperors, nobles, and masters of other empires all knelt before the new emperor’s feet. The shocking scene where they all knelt and hailed on the square before the Royal Palace of Zenit could never be forgotten by any Zenitian; such a scene was branded into their souls.

Whenever Zenitians laughed in their dreams and woke up because of it, they would tell themselves that this wasn’t a dream again and again. Zenit had indeed become the ruler of the Northern Region.

Every Zenitian felt the benefits that their powerful new empire brought to them.

Right now, when they traveled in the Northern Region of Azeroth, regardless of where they were, Zenitians could walk around with their heads raised and backs straightened, receiving all kinds of envious and jealous stares. Even the arrogant and proud Leonians had to lower their proud heads before Zenitians.

All of this was brought to them by Emperor Alexander.

“All of this is determined by fate! Alexander His Majesty is a gift that the gods offered to Zenit!”

“I still remember it! Even though I was young back then, and I can’t recall many things, I clearly remember that five-colored clouds appeared in the sky above St. Petersburg, and flower petals fell as a series of holy songs resonated in the sky. It seemed like gods were giving prayers while goddesses were dancing. It felt like all the gods in Heaven were celebrating the Third Prince’s birth!”

“Yeah! At that time, many people were saying that the Third Prince was the reincarnation of a godly king…”

“The only thing is that the Third Prince went missing. Now, it seems like Heaven was trying to temper Prince Alexander. Now, Zenit is powerful because of the Third Prince! His Majesty is indeed the undisputed Human Emperor of the North! In the last 1,000 years, he is the only being to have united the Northern Region of Azeroth!”

“The best emperor in the last 1,000 years as well!”

All the streets and alleys in St. Petersburg were illuminated by bright sunlight, and some proud seniors were telling their children and grandchildren about what happened in the past, including the legendary tales of Emperor Alexander.

Whenever someone started to tell stories about Emperor Alexander, many people would stop by the seniors and listen, and their blood would boil in excitement.

Throughout Zenit and almost every corner in the Northern Region of Azeroth, many traveling poets were praising the new Emperor Alexander of Zenit and the Human Emperor of the North! They used their most fancy words to tell stories about this great ruler, adding more lights to his reputation.

In the Chaos Era where wars were happening all around the continent, it was normal for the people at the bottom of the society to be pushed around, lose their loved ones and children, and experience tragedy.

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