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Hail the King Chapter 1121.1

Chapter 1121: Fei’s Plan (1) (Part One)

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Fei sighed, and he lightly patted Buckingham’s shoulder with a serious smile on his face.

“Buckingham, in the Sea of Fragrance, we battled alongside each other with our lives on the line. You should know that I’m not interested in the influence and power in the mortal world, so I won’t lie to you. Zenit needs to unite the Northern Region, but not because of selfish reasons. Before too long, the entire continent will face a destructive catastrophe. I want to unite the strength of all humans to deal with terrifying enemies. Since there is a limited amount of time available to us, I have to resort to this direct and abrupt method.”

Buckingham froze after hearing what Fei said; he didn’t expect the king to say this.

After a pause, Buckingham looked into Fei’s eyes and asked, “Really?”

Fei nodded his head earnestly.

“Ok, I understand now.” Buckingham suppressed the shock in his mind, and he stopped trying to fight for more concessions. He believed in Fei’s words.

In fact, many prophecies about world-ending catastrophes were circulating on the continent.

In the last year or so, many races reappeared on the continent, and the laws of nature changed. All these showed that something was happening.

Now hearing Fei, a true god, saying such things, Buckingham completely believed him and held no doubts.

“Since this is the case, I will try my best to coordinate with you. I believe that Emperor Juninho will also put in the effort necessary to preserve the human race.” Buckingham felt powerless and weak. He knew that in such a situation, the Leon Empire and all other empires in the Northern Region couldn’t negotiate with the Zenit Empire anymore. They could only do what the Zenitians asked, which included being lowered from independent empires to affiliated empires of Zenit and handing over the control of their militaries. Essentially, these empires would be handing control of their own fates over to Zenit.

In reality, if Buckingham wasn’t looking at the situation as a party that got conquered by Zenit, he could have thought that Fei was quite generous.

“With Zenit’s current strength, it can easily wage war against all empires in the Northern Region and wipe out the royal families and nobles in the various empires. Then, the ordinary citizens of these empires can be forced to convert using iron-like and bloody methods.”

“Instead of doing that, Alexander chose to keep all the royal families and let them have their status and most of their strength. In fact, all the elite royal guards weren’t even moved.”

“Such a method should be generous enough, right?”

“Alexander is right; he doesn’t have greed over the power and control in the mortal world.”

Buckingham quickly adjusted his mindset and suppressed his disappointment and sense of weakness. After chatting with Fei for a while, they said their farewells to each other, and Buckingham got up and embarked on his returning journey to Leon.

To Buckingham, the situation that he would face back in the Leon Empire was going to be even more intense.

To all the envoys who were sent to St. Petersburg by various empires in the Northern Region, this trip to St. Petersburg wasn’t easy. The agreements that they were bringing back were going to completely change their empires.

Now, it seemed like only the latter generation could comment on the situation and say if such a decision brought either shame or glory to the nations.

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