Chapter 1123: The Tragedy on the Ocean (Part One)

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-The Sea of Fragrance-

For the last 1,000 years, the deep ocean was always a forbidden zone for humans.

Except for some powerful masters, very few people knew what kind of creatures lived in the deep ocean.

About a year ago, the Sea Tribe which had disappeared for more than 1,000 years showed up in the Sea of Fragrance, and it was a sensational story.

Especially it was heard that Evil Sea God Kluivert came back to life, making all the nations and forces around the Sea of Fragrance extremely nervous.

During that period, several giant tsunamis occurred, flooding hundreds of cities and harbors of all sizes.

The re-emergence of the Sea Tribe even triggered the battle between King Alexander of Chambord and the Continental Martial Saint’s First Disciple D’Alessandro. In the end, it was proved that the famous D’Alessandro was in the wrong, and he made a huge mistake. He paid the debt with his life.

From the confrontation, the King of Chambord became known on the continent, and his influence has since traveled outside the Northern Region of Azeroth. He became one of the most talented young people that people paid attention to on the continent.

Also, it was the King of Chambord who messed up the Sea Tribe’s plan at the Sea of Fragrance. Evil Sea God Kluivert was severely injured and had to escape, and the Sea Tribe at the Sea of Fragrance that was supposed to cause a catastrophe ended up putting on a little show. It was like a thunderstorm that had loud thunder but little rain.

After that incident, it seemed like the Sea Tribe disappeared again.

About a year has passed since that incident, and the merchant ships, pirates, and fishermen traveling on the Sea of Fragrance seemed to have gotten used to the peaceful life, forgetting the Sea Tribe’s existence.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was bright, and a slight northern wind was blowing. Ripples appeared on the surface of the sea, and it was a day with rare nice weather.

About a dozen Leonian battleships appeared. The magic thrusters on these ships just finished one work cycle, and they were slowing down. Right now, these ships were preparing to activate the magic thrusters again to start another work cycle.

At the bow of the flagship, King Buckingham of Leon stood there against the wind.

This young noble who was known for his handsome appearance and elegant temperament looked serious, and he seemed distracted with his mind wandering to another place. Clearly, he was bothered by the result of his trip to Zenit.

Around him, about ten military officers in magic armor were looking around the sea area cautiously.

The blue ocean waves were rolling, and white seagulls were flying in the sky. Right now, the ocean was showing everyone its beauty.

Suddenly, a series of giant waves appeared further away. Then, the waves transformed into a clear whirlpool.

The water at the bottom of the whirlpool rushed up, and it seemed like something giant was about to flow out of the bottom of the sea.

“It might be a giant sea beast!” The military officers who saw this instantly thought of this possibility.

Sea beasts had great powers, and they were deadly to ordinary fishing boats and merchant ships. However, these creatures posed no threats to military ships. As long as the magic cannons at the bows of the battleships fired at the same time, a sea beast with a body longer than 100 meters would be shattered.

However, the expressions on the officers’ faces soon turned from surprise to shock to daze.

More than one whirlpool appeared further away on the surface of the sea.

In just a few seconds, hundreds if not thousands of whirlpools appeared on the surface of the sea silently.

Then, several black monsters jumped out of the whirlpools. These monsters’ bodies were similar to that of humans, yet they kept the clear features of sea creatures. They looked vicious, appeared like phantoms, and wore simple and wet armor. Also, they were holding giant heavy weapons that looked ugly and crude such as bronze hammers and axes.

In these creatures’ large eyes, mysterious glints that were different from those of humans appeared, making them look violent and murderous.

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