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Hail the King Chapter 1123.2

Chapter 1123: The Tragedy on the Ocean (Part Two)

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“Sea Tribe!!!”

After freezing for a few seconds, a military officer of Leon screamed on top of his lungs.

At the same time, almost everyone discovered the strangeness happening before them.

Also, these people recognized that these phantom-like, demonic creatures were members of the Sea Tribe that had disappeared for a long time.

Buckingham’s head instantly started to buzz, and he knew that they were in big trouble that was tough to handle. Therefore, he instantly threw his prior troubling thoughts out of the window, and he focused on commanding the battleships and reacting in time.

“Pass my order! Activate the magic thrusters and speed up! Turn 45 degrees to the left and pass the Sea Tribe!”

Buckingham instantly made the decision; he wasn’t planning to battle the Sea Tribe or get involved right now.

Since the purpose of his trip was diplomatic, Buckingham only had fewer than 20 battleships in his group. On top of the limited number, most of the storage was filled with gifts when going to Zenit, and most of the crew members were civil officials and couldn’t battle. Right now, more and more members of the Sea Tribe appeared. If they were going to battle, these battleships of Leon were going to be wiped out once the battle began.

Therefore, the group must escape! Fast!

Streaks of powerful magic energy appeared on each battleship of Leon, and green magic shields protected the ships while the magic thrusters worked at full capacity, rotating fast and creating buzzing noises to put all the battleships into super-speed voyage mode.

Further away, the Sea Tribe clearly discovered this human fleet.

High-pitched, supersonic-like roars resonated on the surface of the sea.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Many black dots flew out of the hands of the warriors of the Sea Tribe. Like hungry locusts, these black dots flew toward Buckingham’s fleet, casting death shadow on them and creating air-piercing noises.

The black dots were all heavy weapons that weighed more than 100 kilograms each.

The warriors of the Sea Tribe’s first reaction was throwing weapons at the human fleet to stop the ships from escaping.

This was a battle that couldn’t be avoided.

The Sea Tribe treated humans as food, and its members were vicious and violent. There was no way to reason with them.

All kinds of adventure stories were told on the Azeroth Continent, yet there wasn’t a single case where a human and a member of the Sea Tribe had a peaceful relationship.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

With strong momentum, the heavy bronze weapons smashed onto the magic shields around the battleships of Leon.

The members of the Sea Tribe had natural advantages when they were in the water, and they were born with great strength. At this moment, the advantages of the Sea Tribe were all demonstrated.

Before such attacks, the magic shields around these Leonian battleships only lasted for less than five minutes before completely shattering. Many shocking black holes appeared in the wooden bodies as if they were hit by cannonballs, and cold seawater flooded into the ships.

The ship named [Expedition] wasn’t lucky. A giant hammer that weighed more than 1,000 kilograms struck its body and turned it into two halves, and the groans and screams of the crew members instantly sounded.

The terrifying attacks instantly stopped the Leonian fleet from going into the voyage mode and quickly escaping.

“Damn it! How come so many members of the Sea Tribe appeared here?”

Buckingham was shocked and angry. He knew that it was impossible for them to escape now; battling was the only option.

However, with the current strength of the fleet, they couldn’t even last for one hour before becoming the food to these monsters.

While clenching his teeth, Buckingham reached into his breast pocket and took out a faint-golden scroll before opening it in the wind.

A streak of golden energy flames shot into the sky and exploded after traveling for about 5,000 meters. The brilliant flames seemed to have engraved an image in the blue sky, and it didn’t disappear right away.

A powerful presence instantly engulfed the area within ten kilometers of Buckingham.

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