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Hail the King Chapter 1124.1

Chapter 1124: An Impressive Return (Part One)

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“Brothers, just hang on for a moment! We only need to last for 20 minutes, and reinforcements from Chambord will be here!”

Buckingham unleashed his powerful warrior energy and shouted. Then, he flew into the air and pulled out the sword that was hanging on his belt.

With one single strike, a terrifying warrior energy beam flew out, turning hundreds of warriors of the Sea Tribe into meat paste.

Buckingham’s voice resonated in the area, and all Leonians heard him. As a result, the morale of the group skyrocketed.

“Yeah! If Chambordians come in time, we can get away with our lives!”

Even these Leonians didn’t realize that since some time ago, Chambordians represented power and strength in their minds without them noticing.

Soon, a series of sharp, ear-piercing roars of the members of the Sea Tribe resonated in the area.

Then, many thin white beams shined on the water.

The fish fins that were barely exposed on the surface of the water divided the waves, and the members of the Sea Tribe dashed over like arrows that were shot out of bows. Vaguely, giant figures could be seen under the water, and they blinked and quickly approached the battleships.

“Shoot! Magic cannons… quickly! Don’t let them approach! Star-Level Warriors, go into the water and cut them off!”

Buckingham was about ten meters in the air, and he looked down and was able to see everything clearly. When he saw the enemies coming close, he quickly gave the order, and he couldn’t let the soldiers of the Sea Tribe get to the battleships.

Otherwise, with the strong combat strength of these creatures, they could sink all the battleships in minutes. Without the protection of the ships, it was impossible for Leonians to last for about 20 minutes.

At this moment, the desire for life and the nature of soldiers overpowered these Leonians’ fear for the Sea Tribe.

The soldiers on the battleships who had reached the Star-Level all jumped onto the surface of the water and dashed around as if they were walking on land. With warrior energy flames burning around them, they battled with the soldiers of the Sea Tribe who charged at them.

Roars and screams instantly permeated the area.

Blood stained the blue ocean, and death instantly arrived.

-2,000 meters away-


A giant and vicious-looking battleship suddenly broke the waves and appeared on the ocean like an enormous and ferocious beast.

Water slid down the body of this ship, looking like a water curtain.

Also, the thick layer of water mist in the air refracted the light and create a mini-rainbow.

Some vague human characters were engraved on the ship, but due to the green mosses and dirt, they couldn’t be clearly seen.

When the water on the ship completely fell back into the ocean, magic energy flames flashed. Masses of magic energy appeared, and the giant ship transformed. The vicious cannon platforms and adjustable magic weapons slowly appeared on the smooth deck, reflecting a deadly metal glare under the sunlight.

The gate to the command center slowly opened, and a beautiful woman in golden armor walked out.

This woman’s skin was smooth and fair like jade, and it seemed like no blood could be seen inside her. Her pupils were twice the size compared to that of an ordinary person, giving her a deadly charm.

Her black pupils slowly contracted under the sunshine and finally became two black dots, making her eyes look even stranger.

Behind this woman, there was a boy who was about 14 years old. He looked reluctant, and he walked out under the escort of more than a dozen giant warriors of the Sea Tribe who were in bronze armor.

This boy was Luffy who had the nickname of Little Demon King and was missing for close to half a year now. His complexion was good, and he was even a little fatter compared to before.

At the moment, Luffy was wearing a sky-blue high-level magic robe that had ripple patterns and a fancy crown made of pure gold. The giant guards of the Sea Tribe also treated him carefully with respect.

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