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Hail the King Chapter 1124.2

Chapter 1124: An Impressive Return (Part Two)

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“The Sea of Fragrance, we are back.”

The cold woman in golden armor opened her red lips and spat out a series of complex and clear syllables. She clearly remembered that her grand plan was about to be successful a year ago, but a few humans appeared and messed it all up.

In the last year, this woman led her people away from her home base. While dodging fights, she tried to find other members of the Sea Tribe, and that journey was filled with hardships.

Now, this woman finally returned to this sea with powerful troops and strong soldiers.

“Kill all these humans! This is a signal for war!”

The cold woman in golden armor spoke using the universal language on the Azeroth Continent during the Mythical Era, and her tone was so chilly that it was comparable to hard ice that had been around for 10,000 years at the bottom of an ocean. Others would shiver when hearing her voice.

“Do you like war this much?” Luffy asked while a mocking smile appeared on his face; he was able to smoothly use the universal language on the Azeroth Continent during the Mythical Era.

“Humans are food for us. Us killing humans is only hunting for food,” the cold woman in golden armor replied without turning back.

“Oh? Really? I’m human; why don’t you eat me?” The Little Demon King shrugged, and his tone wasn’t respectful and sounded provocative.

The cold woman in golden armor finally looked back, and she stared at Luffy with vicious glints in her mystical eyes that could only be seen in the eyes of ferocious beasts. After a while, she frowned and said, “Little guy, don’t try to challenge my patience. If you dare to speak to me with that tone again, be prepared to pack up the corpses of your peers. Oh, no. Perhaps their corpses wouldn’t remain and would become food to the Sea Tribe.”

“Alright, you always use this to scare me.” Luffy pouted and said, “Then, I will change my tone, The great Empress of the Sea of Fragrance. Please don’t kill humans, ok? Please let these Leonians live.” The Little Demon King acted as if he was begging with his dear life, but even a three-year-old child could tell that he was exaggerating it.

The cold woman in golden armor froze for a second while her pupils contracted, and she snorted and turned around, not paying any attention to Luffy.

The relationship between these two was strange. It seemed like they were enemies yet friends, quite confusing.

Unwillingness was written all over Luffy’s face. Like a pet bird in a cage, even though he was well taken care of, he desired freedom and the vast sky.

“These poor humans can’t last long.”

The cold woman in golden armor sounded cruel and vicious as if she was watching a group of beasts panicking and struggling in a trap. Then, she added, “Should I let a few of them survive? So that they could spread the news that the great Sea Tribe is back, making all the humans in the Northern Region fall into chaos and fear?”

It was clear that this woman was speaking to Luffy.

The Little Demon King countered without hesitation, “With my master, the King of Chambord, you guys will crumble and be forced to flee just like last time.”

“Really? I really can’t wait for him to show up this time.”

When hearing the name ‘Alexander’, the resentment in this woman’s voice even made the temperature in the area drop by dozens of degrees.

After saying that, this woman waved her hand.


A mass of water elements condensed into an icicle, and it merged into the void after shivering.

In the next moment, the icicle appeared before Buckingham who was in mid-air, attacking the latter without holding back. It was so fast that it seemed like this icicle teleported.


This level of technique which could control space and launch such attack wasn’t something that Buckingham, a Moon-Class Elite, could dodge.

King Buckingham was hit without a doubt.

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