Chapter 1125: Silver Crystal Battle Soul Warrior (Part One)

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Boom! The icicle exploded, and ice pallets flew in all directions.

Like the most terrifying ice storm, the ice pallets were blue and looked like dreamy ice blades, turning more than 100 warriors of the Sea Tribe within 20 meters of the explosion into minced meat.

A streak of golden energy flames flashed on Buckingham.

This man was severely injured, and he spat out a mouthful of blood which looked like a blood arrow. His face instantly paled, and he shivered and couldn’t remain in mid-air. As a result, he directly fell toward the ground.

“Puff… such terrifying power. There are supreme masters in the Sea Tribe.” Buckingham was barely able to circulate his warrior energy, and he staggered on the surface of the sea.

“If it weren’t for the magic talisman that Alexander gifted to me, I would have been torn into pieces by that strike. Damn it, what should I do?”

The supreme master in the Sea Tribe could easily crush all the efforts that every Leonian here was contributing.

“Could we last until the reinforcements of Chambord get here?”

“Even if the reinforcements of Chambord get there in time, can they stop this terrifying and murderous woman?”

“Huh? That energy?” Further away, the woman in golden armor froze for a second; she was surprised that she wasn’t able to kill this weak human.

Just as her strike was about to kill that little Moon-Class Elite, a terrifying power appeared on that man, blocking her deadly strike at the last moment. Otherwise, how could a little Moon-Class Elite survive under her strike?

“Perhaps this human master is carrying a protective magic item.”

What confused this woman in golden armor was that she felt quite familiar with the golden light that flashed on the human master.

At the same time, a mystical glint flashed in the eyes of Luffy who was standing behind her. He already clearly sensed that this presence belonged to his master, Alexander. However, it had changed quite a bit.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The woman in golden armor seemed to be interested. She raised her arm, and several crystal-like icicles condensed in mid-air before merging into the void and dashing toward Buckingham.

Buckingham instantly sensed the continuation of the chilly murderous spirit. However, he was too weak to fight back.

This man could only watch as the powerful icicles turned into silver snakes and dashed before him in a flash. Without the power to do anything, he could only sigh in his mind for the last time and close his eyes.

However, two seconds passed, and the pain of his body being torn apart didn’t appear.

Buckingham opened his eyes again, and what he saw made him feel relieved as he exhaled.

A giant armored warrior that was emitting faint-golden light appeared before Buckingham, and this warrior extended its giant hand and easily crushed the five terrifying icicles into pieces.

“It is the silver crystal battle soul warrior of Chambord. The reinforcements are finally here!”

Buckingham’s heart that had been in his throat finally dropped back down into his chest, and the iron will that made him remain conscious until now was gone. He instantly felt his vision turning black, and his body softened as he fell directly into the sea.

“Sir…” the Leonian warriors around Buckingham roared. Then, they abandoned the battle and dashed back, helping Buckingham who had fainted to not drown.

The warriors of the Sea Tribe grasped onto this opportunity, and they roared as they broke through the defense line of these Leonians and got close like a compact group of locusts.

With these warriors of Sea Tribe extremely close, the Leonian fleet was in danger of being sunk and could collapse at any time.

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