Chapter 1125: Silver Crystal Battle Soul Warrior (Part Two)

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“Roar!” The silver crystal battle soul warrior raised its head and roared.

The sound wave expanded in all directions like tornadoes, and all the warriors of the Sea Tribe who were hit by the soundwave collapsed and turned into red blood mist as if they were sand sculptures that were blown by the wind.

The power of a supreme master wasn’t something that ordinary soldiers could block. Even a single roar was enough to crush tens of thousands of beings.

“Hiss… hiss…”

A series of snake-like hissing noises sounded.

The Empress of the Sea Tribe raised her head and roared, and her pink tongue was split like that of a snake.

Receiving the order, the troops of the Sea Tribe slowly backed away and formed a giant circle 1,000 meters around the damaged Leonian battleships, trapping Leonians and the silver crystal battle soul warrior in the middle.

The woman in golden armor flew across the sky and appeared before her enemy.

“Who are you?” this woman asked as she curiously looked at this silver crystal battle soul warrior who suddenly appeared. Her intuition told her that this giant supreme master who was wearing golden armor and had a powerful presence was a strange being. She felt weird and thought that this being was between a lifeform and a dead object.


The silver crystal battle soul warrior spat out a few unclear syllables. Its body was covered in mystical gold, and none of its body was exposed. Only two holes could be seen on its mask, and two red and strange light beams shot out of them.

This silver crystal battle soul warrior was the first one that Fei created.

The 5,000 mystical gold war puppets that Fei obtained in the Anji Empire created 5,000 silver crystal battle soul warriors. About 2,000 were put into use. A portion of them were staffed around the graduates of Chambord’s Military School to execute the reforms of the ten military districts in the Northern Region. The other silver crystal battle soul warriors were organized into patrol teams, and they flew in the sky around the Zenit Empire, monitoring everything.

Buckingham took out the scroll and released golden energy to seek help earlier. [No.1] was patrolling around the area close to the Sea of Fragrance, and it instantly rushed over upon receiving the call for help.

“Huh?” the woman in golden armor froze for a moment. She was about to ask something else, but this giant golden-armored strange being suddenly locked the red light beams coming out of its eyes onto the giant battleship further away that was protected by the troops of the Sea Tribe.

“That is… [Alexander]?”

This strange being’s cold, mechanical, and robotic voice sounded surprised.

“You recognize that Reverse-Whale Battleship? You are from Chambord?” The woman in golden armor suddenly thought of something, and her pupils that expanded since her back was facing the sun suddenly contracted into two black dots again. “You are a magic puppet of Chambord?”

[No.1] completely ignored this woman of the Sea Tribe who wasn’t weaker than it, and it turned into a beam of light and dashed toward the Reverse-Whale Battleship.

Fei had never given up on finding the missing [Alexander] and Luffy. Therefore, he passed the shapes and looks of the battleship and Luffy into the memory of every patrolling silver crystal battle soul warrior. Therefore, [No.1] instantly recognized that ship, and it wanted to know if Luffy was on the ship.

The woman in golden armor sneered, and she pointed out one of her slender and jade-like fingers.

A sea wave that was more than 100 meters tall appeared, instantly condensing into an ice wall and blocking [No.1]’s path.

In the next moment, several water beams shot into the sky and engulfed [No.1]. Then, as the seawater fell from the sky, it condensed into hard ice and completely froze [No.1].

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