Chapter 1126: Shocking Strike (Part One)

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“It is only a magic puppet without intelligence…” The woman in golden armor shook her head and said, “It seems like the Barcelonans exaggerated everything.”

Before this woman could finish her train of thought, all the hard ice on the surface of the sea exploded, and a vast amount of power was unleashed!


[No.1] instantly got out of the hard ice, and the energy flames burned around this silver crystal battle soul warrior. All the hard ice turned back into seawater before falling, and [No.1] blinked and appeared before the woman in golden armor in the next second.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

[No.1] punched out like lightning bolts, and no one knew how many strikes that it unleashed in just one second.

Golden light flashed in the air, and ice pallets flew in all directions.

The two supreme masters attacked each other countless times in just a few moments.

Layers of transparent ripples appeared in mid-air like the ripples in the ocean, and giant sea waves that were more than 100 meters tall surged.

The giant sea waves moved in all directions, making ships unable to stay still.

The warriors of the Sea Tribe who had surrounded Leonian ships were pulled into the waves like duckweed and sank into the ocean. However, they were all children of the sea. Although they were in a messy situation, they wouldn’t die from it.

On the other side, the broken Leonian battleships that were surrounded weren’t in any danger as well.

Before anyone could notice, three more silver crystal battle soul warriors appeared on the battlefield in silence. Then, they released powerful energy and protected the frightened fleet and crew members in the middle. When the vicious sea waves dashed over, they smashed onto invisible barriers.


Loud noises sounded, and water splashed high into the sky. However, the waves weren’t able to move forward anymore and fell back down.

This was a battle between gods! Such a magnificent scene stunned the Leonians who were on the broken ships.

Now, these people finally realized the terrifying power that Chambord possessed.

This level of strength wasn’t something that the Leon Empire, the former dominant force in the Northern Region of Azeroth, could handle. Even two silver crystal battle soul warriors could wipe through the entire Leon Empire, let alone Emperor Alexander himself.

The two supreme masters finally separated from each other, and they each backed off for about 100 meters before regaining their balance.

Many light handprints could be seen on [No.1]’s mystical gold armor. It seemed like these handprints were engraved onto the armor; each fingerprint could be clearly seen.

On the other side, the woman in golden armor who was 200 meters away sneered. Her golden armor created a series of tink noises and emitted radiant light. Streaks of godly power circulated throughout the armor, making others feel suffocated.

This armor was actually a god-tier combat weapon! A rare armor-style combat weapon that could attack and defend! After being punched by [No.1] many times, not a single mark could be seen.

“The so-called invincible battle soul warriors of Chambord are only average. If the King of Chambord doesn’t show up, these three magic puppets are going to be turned into trash!”

The Empress of the Sea Tribe walked closer, and her presence skyrocketed with every step that she took.

“Really? The cold and mechanical voice didn’t sound panicky.

[No.1] lightly moved its body, and it was covered by streaks of mystical light. The dense handprints that were inlaid in the armor slowly disappeared at visible speed, and the dented surface of the armor soon recovered.

Mystical gold was the best material for making combat weapons, and such mystical gold armor was meticulously designed by Fei, Cain, and Akara. Although its power couldn’t match that of a god-tier combat weapon, its toughness and recovery ability weren’t inferior after being strengthened by godly runes.

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