Chapter 1126: Shocking Strike (Part Two)

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As long as the godly rune arrays on the inside of the armor were activated, the silver crystal battle soul warriors would instantly recover.

The Empress of the Sea Tribe’s face changed color.

In the next second, the golden armor that she wore made louder metal-colliding noises, and it sounded as if the sea was angry and roaring. The power of the sea was used by her, and her presence continued to climb rapidly.

In a flash, this woman in golden armor seemed like she was able to defeat the four silver crystal battle soul warriors all on her own.

“You are only a bunch of magic puppets that are tools. How dare you act recklessly in front of me? You pressured me to use my true strength! Now, shatter and die!”

The Empress of the Sea Tribe’s voice turned desolate and strange, and a suffocating pressure permeated the air. The terrifying presence pressured the four silver crystal battle soul warriors, and they slowly descended toward the water.

The Leonians who finally relaxed saw this, and their hearts jumped into their throats again.

This was indeed a devastating situation!

“Today, we actually encountered the royal troop of the Sea Tribe and the Empress of the Sea Tribe who could rival a god! The silver crystal battle soul warriors of Chambord might be able to escape with their powerful strength, but ordinary humans like us can’t get out of here alive!”

Buckingham had already woken up after his subordinates tried their best to rescue and heal him.

Streaks of foreign energy were still running loose in his body, and he wasn’t able to get rid of them in a short time. Seeing the current situation, Buckingham clenched his teeth and knew that he probably couldn’t survive today. Just as he was about to say something…

A giant golden hand suddenly tore open the space and attacked from the sky without any warning. Engulfed with the presence of destruction, this golden hand crushed toward the Empress of the Sea Tribe as if it wanted to grab an ant.

Before this golden hand actually landed, the terrifying power around it already crushed the atmosphere that the Empress of the Sea Tribe tried to create.

Under the huge pressure, a giant crater that had a diameter of more than ten kilometers appeared in the sea.

“Who is it?” the Empress of the Sea Tribe roared, and her golden armor created loud metal-colliding noises. She unleashed all her power, and she was engulfed in golden energy flames, looking like a sun that appeared in this world.

However, this woman’s powerful presence still couldn’t block that golden hand.


The Empress of the Sea Tribe was struck without question. Although she was roaring, she was pressed into the deep ocean without having the power to fight back.

It was terrifying!

No one knew how far away this strike was cast, but a supreme master who was using a god-tier combat weapon got knocked away.

The entire battlefield was stunned by this sudden strike, and it stole the spotlight.

Buckingham’s mouth opened wide, and he was in an indescribable shock.

“This… does such power exist in this world? What level and realm is this?”

Just as Buckingham was about to turn his head, a warm hand suddenly landed on his shoulder.

Then, a streak of warm energy flowed into his body continuously, and the terrifying and chilly energy that the Empress of the Sea Tribe injected into him completely disappeared. Also, all the hidden injuries in his body recovered.

Buckingham turned around in shock, and he saw that Alexander was now standing behind him.

At this moment, Buckingham realized that the King of Chambord used this shocking golden hand strike tens of thousands of kilometers away and suddenly appeared here in the next moment.

“Is this the power of a god?”

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