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Hail the King Chapter 1127.1

Chapter 1127: Death Trap (Part One)

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After knocking away the Empress of the Sea Tribe and turning the tables, Fei healed Buckingham’s injuries and then appeared on [Alexander] that had been missing for a long time.


Luffy woke up from the shock and quickly tore off the long robe and the golden crown of the Sea Tribe. While hot tears rolled down his face, he knelt on the deck of the ship.

“Please get up. You have suffered.”

Seeing the energetic Luffy in front of him, Fei’s heart finally fell back into his chest.

[One Sword] and his wife were now in the stars, and they could finally rest in peace.

“Master, on that day, [Alexander] was damaged, and we sunk into the bottom of the sea and couldn’t get out. The ship moved underwater for ten days, and we encountered the Sea Tribe. We fought hard but got captured…” Luffy was worried that his master might misunderstand the situation and scold him, so he quickly explained what had happened in the last while.

Fei was about to say something with a smile, but his face suddenly changed color. He said, “Don’t say those things right now. Leave here as soon as possible!”

“[No.1], bring everyone out of here!” Fei detected something and quickly ordered.

“As you wish!”

[No.1] and the other three silver crystal battle soul warriors moved and unleashed the power of supreme masters. Their energies engulfed Luffy and other Leonians as well as their ships, and they all rose into the sky. Like arrows that were loaded on bows, they were about to dash away.

At this moment, a violent and crazy voice suddenly sounded in the sky.

“Hahaha! Go? Where? Today, none of you can get away! All stay here!”

Before this voice could die down, a mass of black mist suddenly crushed down from above, covering the sun and the sky like the destructive force of the Grim Reaper. [No.1] and the other three silver crystal battle soul warriors already tore open space, but the air suddenly got dense. The terrifying law of spatial imprisonment locked down the area within 500 kilometers.

“Humph! You are only an insignificant figure who can only hide. How dare you try to keep my people?” Fei sneered, and his voice created magnificent and thunderous sound waves. Like tangible objects, the sound waves expanded outward as golden ripples, and the black mist melted away like snowflakes that got hot water poured on them.

The frozen space suddenly opened again.

[No.1] and the others took the opportunity and turned into light beams before disappearing.

“Alexander, you are on the verge of death, and you still dare to be so arrogant? Look at who I am!”

That voice roared in the sky, and masses of black mist permeated the air and covered the area. The area above the sea turned completely dark.

In the black mist, a giant demonic figure stood tall.

Fei slowly rose into the sky, and his body was covered in a layer of faint golden energy. When the destructive black mist got within 1,000 meters of him, it instantly disappeared like a snowflake on a hot summer day.

“You already lost to me. How dare you act so recklessly?” Fei laughed and said, “Kluivert, you are only a small god of another race. You got away last time with luck. Today, I will end you.”

This demonic figure was Evil Sea God Kluivert who got revived more than a year ago.

“Hahaha! King of Chambord! You are only a young warrior who just walked over the threshold between mortals and gods. How dare you be so arrogant?” Kluivert raised his head and laughed, and the black mist rolled and expanded, covering more space.

This demonic god sneered and continued, “You will die today. Others, come out now!”

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