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Hail the King Chapter 1128.1

Chapter 1128: Thunderous Anger (Part One)

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Being attacked by five figures who were on his level, it was clear that Fei fell into a meticulously created death trap.

The entire area around Fei was locked down.

Messi, Kluivert, and others released chains of order which were created by the laws of nature, completely sealing the space. Only those who reached level 10 True God Realm could break the seal, but Fei was only at level 8 right now.

Although the king was only two levels away, the difference was like the distance between stars. Perhaps the distance was tens of millions of lightyears away.

Kluivert laughed proudly; he wanted to see the terrified expression on this human true god who just advanced, and he wanted to hear Fei’s begs and screams. Only this could make him redeem himself and wash off the shame more than a year ago when he was defeated in the Sea of Fragrance and had to escape.

However, except for the beginning when Fei glanced around, the king’s eyes didn’t move. Fei locked his eyes onto [God’s Son] Messi.

The king’s eyes were filled with unhidden anger and murderous spirit, and he completely ignored the other four opponents who could threaten his life and focused on Messi.

From the beginning to the end, only the signature smile could be seen on Messi’s face. This smile didn’t change even though Fei’s stare turned murderous.

“I can still find a reason, given that you killed Emperor Yassin. After all, Barcelona and Zenit were in a war, and you two held different positions. However, I can’t understand why you, a god of humans, are standing with the evil sea gods who are mortal enemies of humans?”

Fei suppressed his anger and hatred, and he stared at Messi and asked calmly.

A sense of mockery appeared in Messi’s smile, and he shook his head and said coldly, “I’m surprised that even though you walked over the threshold between mortals and gods, your vision and scale are still so low. You sure disappoint me. To gods, there aren’t differences between evil and good. There are only differences between powerful and weak. I’m only working with the demonic gods of the Sea Tribe since our goals are aligned.

“Your goals are aligned?”

“That is right. We have a common enemy, and that is you, the Human Emperor of the North.”

Instead of getting angry, Fei laughed and said, “Such a statement; goals are aligned. Is that why you ditched the honor of a human god and are working with the gods of another race to kill a member of your own race?”

“That is right.” Messi nodded and said, “All methods can be used to achieve a great goal. This is nothing. In this world, only the powerful can stay alive, and the weak will die. This is the most primitive law of nature. It is you who are stubborn and stuck in the old ways, and that is why you will die today.”

“Such an exciting argument.”

The anger and hatred in Fei’s eyes suddenly turned into pity.

After looking at Messi for a while, Fei lowered his head and thought for a moment before asking again, “I’m curious. If one day, what you need clashes with the needs of the Barcelona Empire, will you, [God’s Son] of Barcelona, destroy Barcelona without mercy?”

Messi smiled and didn’t say anything, and the mockery on his face intensified.

“Alexander, you are going to die! Why are you asking so many questions? Trying to delay time? Forget it! You will die for sure today!”

Evil Sea God Kluivert interrupted Fei and Messi’s conversation impatiently, and he laughed viciously like a madman.

“I suddenly remembered many ancient tortures in the Sea Tribe, and I will use all of them on you today! Hahaha! More than 1,000 years ago during the Mythical Era, I had used such methods and tortured countless low-level human gods to death! Hahaha!”

“Don’t waste more time on him! Let’s all attack together and finish this damn human!” The Empress of the Sea Tribe laughed crazily. Her hatred toward Fei was deep in her bones.

The battle was imminent, and the situation was extremely dangerous for Fei.

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