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Hail the King Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Before Dawn

Before dark, Fei rode the big black dog back and forth and did a lot of things.

Within an hour, he was like a hard-working little bee, continuously shuffling around the city, seeing everyone he had to see, giving orders that a king must be giving, and arranging everything that needed to be noted.

When the sun set, Fei finished all the preparation he thought he needed to make, and then came a second time to the Holy See Church which he rarely visited.

In the secret chamber at the backroom of the church.

The light was already very dim, and on the black iron lighthouse on the right side were hundreds of white candles, making the atmosphere a little supressing. Fei sat in front of the white stone statue of the Trinity right after he came in, and he closed his eyes to think for half an hour. In front of him, priest Ma Zola and Knight Luciano both had a surprised look on their face, bowing in respect towards Fei. Their foreheads were covered in sweat, and they didn’t even dare to take big breaths.

Finally, Fei opened his eyes.

Rubbing his slightly painful temples, Fei looked at Zola and Luciano with a big smile and finally said, “I have some very important things that I need you two to do for me immediately!”

“Your Majesty, please tell us, and we will die trying to serve you!” The two finally sighed with relief and said.

“You don’t have to die, I just hope that you two can use the church’s channels to secretly help me acquire a batch of one-star to three-star level energy scrolls. I also need a magician’s practice notes… It must have the five energy elements and five magic elements. As for the cost of the acquisition, just take it from those 10,000 or so sorcerer stones I’ve deposited at your place… For payment, you can take 100 stones out in advance as my thanks for your effort!”

“Your Majesty! Please don’t! You’ve already rewarded us 100 sorcerer stones, which is equivalent to two year’s worth of salary. Besides, working for you is our honor, so we really can’t accept any more rewards from Your Highness!” Zola responded very quickly as he immediately kneeled under Fei’s feet. “It’s just that… according to Zenit Empire law, tier 6 subsidiary countries cannot own three-star scrolls. Although the church is not scared of Zenit Empire, it cannot freely violate its laws. May I inquire as to the reason Your Highness is purchasing them for…?”

He really didn’t dare to take Fei’s magic stones anymore.

Last time, they had already received 100 stones from Fei, which was equivalent to their total salary plus the total wealth they desperately plundered from the citizens in two years. Those 100 magician stones already made them scared to the point of sh*tting their pants, and if they took any more, then Zola would feel that they were not taking money into their pockets, but rather coupons to a faster death.

Therefore, Zola ignored all the eyes Luciano had been giving Zola and quickly refused.

This guy was also a clever man like Oleg.

Fei naturally saw the sketchy things going on between the two people, but he didn’t have time to play guessing games. After he told them their job, he directly stood up and started walking out of the room.

As he walked out, he said, “As for the use of these scrolls… you don’t have to ask more. You guys just have to secretly acquire them for me… As for the reward of 100 sorcerer stones, humph, the things I give will not come back to me. Since you guys don’t want this wealth, then just throw it into the ocean!”

Zola suddenly became dumbfounded.

“Yes, yes, yes… we will take it, take it! Your Majesty, please rest assured, we will do everything in our power to acquire the scrolls and notes you need as soon as possible…” he could only say so.

Fei went to the secret chamber’s door and suddenly thought of something. He stopped walking, turned around and asked, “Oh right, one more thing. Are you guys going to tomorrow’s ceremony?”

“Of course, we will represent the Holy Church to send the god’s blessing for your ascension!” How could they possibly not go? In Zola’s and Luciano’s eyes, the upcoming crowning ceremony at the Pinnacle of Eastern Mountain was definitely another God-given opportunity to suck up to Fei.

“I will give you guys a little suggestion. If you want to live, then you better not go!”

After Fei finished, he directly left the Church.

Zola and Luciano all stood at the same place, looking at each other. They didn’t know what King Alexander meant. Could it be that His Majesty did not want to see their not-so-handsome faces during the ceremony, or… Zola thought with his head down, but when he remembered Fei’s facial expression when he said it, Zola suddenly realized something.

After leaving the church, Fei directly flew back to Chambord City’s palace.

The dark night gradually engulfed Chambord City. When the palace was quiet and the beautiful fiancée Angela and blonde loli Emma were smiling in their sweet dreams, Fei sat on the King’s Throne quietly by himself, waiting for the dawn’s arrival.

After midnight, Fei had another four hours to enter the Diablo World.

He entered [Assassin Mode], used half an hour’s time and beat the first map’s last two mission.

After completing everything, his assassin character reached level 17.

Now, Fei’s [Assassin Mode]’s battle strength in real life was around the intermediate 3-star level. If coupled with the variety of stealthy skills, then maybe he could go against beginner 4-star elites. Although the chance to beat them was small, it would be very easy to run away.

Then, Fei exited [Assassin Mode]. In front of the 3-D holographic projection screen, he chose the last class he didn’t touch – Amazon. Fortunately, after Fei selected the Amazon class, he got a change of outfit and didn’t actually turn into a tranny.

On the Rogue continent, in the dark night, the crazy massacre began.

All the monsters and demons cried and fell under the arrows of the first male Amazon in history.

After two and a half hours, the time limit for the day arrived, and Fei left the Diablo World.

At this moment, he had already completed the first map [Rogue Encampment]’s first five missions, and only one last mission was left in the first act to kill Andaliel, and the male Amazon warrior Fei’s level also reached 16.

Getting to level 16 in just two and half hours was definitely the fastest leveling speed he had achieved after his reincarnation. This was probably related to the class; after all, ranged attackers like the Amazon were more efficient at killing monsters and had advantages over melee-ranged classes like the Barbarian.

Four hours passed, and there were only about 3 hours left before the sun would begin to rise. This was the darkest time before the arrival of dawn.

Fei was making his last preparations for the upcoming ascension ceremony.

At the same time, there was an unseen undercurrent hidden in Chambord City. A large number of lights went out in the city, and all the troops on the city wall quietly withdrew. In addition to the silence of the back mountain, if listening carefully, one could notice waves of dense footsteps and rapid breathing. People tried to minimize their sounds, quietly retreating to the shabby temporary camp on the other side of the Zuli River outside of the city under the organization of the Chambord city soldiers.

Although the citizens didn’t know why they had to leave their home in the middle of the night like thieves, this was King Alexander’s order, so they could only carry it out carefully and not bring too much trouble to Brook who was executing the evacuation task. Brook originally did a lot of preparation on how to persuade the citizens, but he never would’ve guessed that he wouldn’t need to use it.

Of course, not everyone was obedient.

Some big merchants and nobles under their leader Louise the Viscount firmly grouped up, righteously rejecting Brooke’s demands and directly refusing to fulfill the orders of King Alexander. When Brooke reported this to Fei, Fei just smiled without any care and let them do whatever they want.

There were still two hours left before dawn, and the palace started getting busy.

The servants began to prepare for the big ceremony, transporting the cumbersome rituals and sacrificial offerings towards the Pinnacle of Eastern Mountain. Angela and Emma were busy too, and the herald Bast didn’t even sleep at all and just stayed at the palace, constantly checking over the planning of the ceremony.

At this moment, Fei switched to [Assassin Mode].

The next moment, Fei and [Black Whirlwind] turned into a cloud of smoke in the vastness of the night, rushing towards the direction of the back mountain. In the blink of an eye, Fei used the God skill [Summon] and summoned the mercenary Elena and her sisters in the stone hall. He also cleared out the inventory from all his characters. Besides weapons, he prepared enough potions and other potentially necessary items for himself, and then he called Peter-Cech and the one hundred iron army soldiers to his side and gave out a mission.

The 20 stone bridge warriors also received their mission. Some of them followed Fei to accept the crowning at the Pinnacle of Eastern Mountain, and the rest were left in the city to defend the palace.

After making the arrangements, Fei brought 10 muscular men who were still a little green back to the palace, picked up Angela and Emma and the others, rode the King’s golden carriage, and started heading towards the Eastern Mountain with his followers and servants.

There was less than half an hour left until dawn.

It would take at least half an hour to get there, and as the future king of Chambord City, he had to follow the tradition of the land of Azeroth to officially accept the crowning when the sunlight first hit the crown.

Therefore, he had to leave in advance…

At the same time.

Warden Oleg was also making the last preparations at his place.

He was the lead commander selected by Fei to maintain the order at the ceremony, and he had to be present. Such an important task filled Oleg’s heart with both excitement and anxiety. In fact, he was so busy most of the night that he didn’t sleep for more than half an hour. If it wasn’t so that he could maintain an adequate level of energy during the ceremony to better serve King Alexander, maybe Oleg wouldn’t have even let himself sleep.

Luckily, he didn’t have to take many servants and followers like Fei, so even if he left a little later, he could still get there before Fei.

“Hey Donny, hurry and bring me that magical robe I bought with 100 gold coins three years ago… I must wear it during the canonization and not embarrass Alexander His Majesty in front of those damned foreign envoys.”

In the stone hall.

Warden Oleg smiled in front the mirror, making some final adjustments while shouting towards his servant without even looking back.

“Donny… Donny, you b-----d, why are you still…”

Oleg turned around and saw that the person beside him didn’t move. He was about to swear but suddenly realized something was wrong. This person was not Donny, but instead was a mysterious person, with his whole body shrouded in a black cloak. As for his servant Donny, he was lying on the ground motionlessly, as if he was in a deep sleep.

Who is this guy?

When did he come in?

Oleg just felt his soul escaping from his body through his butt.

After accepting the modification of the [Hulk Potion], Oleg’s strength had already drastically improved. With his 1-star foundation, he was already one of the elites in Chambord City. However, someone had actually invaded his place and stood this close to him, and he didn’t even notice. Cold sweat brushed down Oleg’s forehead!

This was an expert.

He was no match.

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