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Hail the King Chapter 1130.1

Chapter 1130: Light of Creation! No One Can Block It! (Part One)

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However, escaping was already a luxury at this moment.

When Eusébio’s upper body merged into the void, he suddenly froze. He wasn’t sure when, but a thumb-sized small hole appeared on his back.

Then, many golden and silver chains of order started to appear like many pythons as they crawled out of the hole. The chains quickly wrapped around Eusébio and pulled on his core godly energy, burning it without holding back.

“No! I don’t want to die… No! Forgive me!” Eusébio screamed like someone who was on the verge of death. His mind was filled with desperation.

Thud! Eusébio dropped the dignity of a supreme demonic god and knelt in the sky, begging for mercy.

Fei froze and thought, “I’m surprised that as a demonic god of the Sea Tribe, this noble existence is so afraid of death…”

A mocking smile appeared on the king’s face. “So, they are the so-called demonic gods. They aren’t that much different from the mortals. Except for their unparalleled strength, their characters and courage might not be on par with mortal warriors.”

Suddenly, a small figure appeared behind Fei as he was in a daze.

Like a ghost, this figure appeared behind Fei in silence. With a vicious smile on his face, he reached out his hand and struck forward. The vicious and resentful face of a soul appeared in the center of his palm, and the grey fangs bit toward Fei’s back like a viper.

This was Demonic God Deco, the last remaining enemy.

Different from Eusébio who loved close-range combat, Deco was great at sneak-attacks and ranged combat.

Deco’s power was extremely vicious. Every time he sneak-attacked an enemy, he would directly pull the latter’s soul out from the body. The tens of millions of resentful souls encircling him were all his enemies. The weakest one among them was a demi-god, and there were the souls of true gods. These souls were tortured by Deco day and night, and hatred and resentment stimulated the power of these souls further.

Even if a godly king were bitten by the fangs of these resentful souls, this being would be severely injured.

“Hahahaha!” Deco laughed with pride; the bet worked in his favor.

In reality, Deco could have instantly escaped.

After seeing Fei demonstrate unparalleled power and knocking away Eusébio, who was great with close-range combat, with one powerful punch, Deco instantly thought about escaping. After all, with his strength, he wasn’t Fei’s match if they fought head-on. He would be crushed in such a fair battle.

However, when Deco glanced at the silver scepter in Fei’s hand, he didn’t want to go anymore. He vaguely felt like this silver scepter was extremely similar to a legendary saint item.

Although the shape was a little different, the power was almost identical.

“If I can get my hands on this saint item…”

Deco’s heart lurched just thinking about this. If he could grasp this scepter, he could jump up from the rank of a low-tier demonic god, and he might even become a godly king or a supreme god!

The greed forced Deco to carefully observe on the side of the battle, waiting for the perfect opportunity to appear.

To demonic gods, their peers were there for them to betray.

Kluivert and Eusébio’s lives had nothing to do with Deco. If he could use the lives of his two peers to trade for a perfect opportunity to strike, Deco wouldn’t be sad and would rather think that it was a great deal.

Deco’s strength was in sneak-attacks. His stealth technique and sneak-attack abilities were god-tier, and he had once assassinated a female godly king of humans thousands of years ago during the Mythical Era.

Therefore, when Fei looked at Eusébio who knelt and begged for mercy, Deco realized that the moment he was waiting for was here.

Without hesitation, Deco captured this opportunity and attacked. And just as he expected, he hit his target!

“Hahaha!” Deco laughed viciously and shouted, “It is mine! The scepter is mine! Ahahaha! Huh?”

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