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Hail the King Chapter 1130.2

Chapter 1130: Light of Creation! No One Can Block It! (Part Two)

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Before Deco could finish laughing, he suddenly felt like his heart was cold. When he looked down, he saw a small hole on the left side of his chest. Many golden and silver chains of order transformed from the sword energy crawled out of the hole and coiled around his body.

Fei slowly turned around with a mocking smile on his face.

A thin layer of faint golden light flashed on Fei’s body. Although it seemed like the fangs of the resentful soul bit Fei’s back, it only bit the layer of golden light. In reality, Fei wasn’t injured at all.

“How… how is this possible?” Seeing the smile on Fei’s face, Deco suddenly realized something. His opponent long discovered him, and this human only showed an opening to lure him in.

With his eyes wide open, Deco asked, “How… how did you do it?”

Deco’s strength was in sneak-attacks. Therefore, he was extremely unwilling to accept the fact that his opponent defeated his strength.

Fei laughed and thought, “Do you think I will tell you that the profession of assassin is way below my level? In Diablo World, my assassin character learned numerous skills.”

In fact, in terms of assassination skills, there was probably no one who was better at it than Fei in this world.

Deco? If it weren’t for his demonic godly power, Deco’s assassination skills would be even weaker than those of Inzagi.

“I regret…” Deco roared in desperation, and he suddenly remembered a terrifying rumor on the verge of death. It was a phrase that terrified everyone during the Mythical Era.

“The Light of Creation, no one can block it! Golden and silver sword energy, it never misses!”

These words represented the forbidden secrets of the God Clan and Demon Clan, and they described the power of the saint item in Fei’s hand. Anyone who could grasp and control this saint item would be able to realize the power in this phrase.

Now, Deco realized how dumb his earlier decision was.

“I deserve to die! My greed overtook my logic! Before I attacked, this human god released four streaks of Light of Creation, but I overlooked them and thought that it would be fine if I dodged…”

“Damn… great… the legend sure is… haha… I shouldn’t have targeted you as an enemy…”

Before Deco could finish speaking, his body that was only one meter tall was completely covered by the golden and silver chains of order.

These golden and silver chains of order transformed from the sword energy were terrifying! They could absorb the godly power in Deco’s body and harm him. The stronger the opponents were, the faster they would die!

In just a flash, Deco and Eusébio’s bodies were compressed by the golden and silver chains of order. While they screamed, they were turned into two grey spheres of light. Then, the two spheres of light flew across the sky and dashed into the black sphere on the top of the silver scepter after leaving long tails in the air.

At the same time, Kluivert’s giant body was being compressed by the golden and silver chains of order further away. Right now, more than half of his body was wrapped up.

Compared to Deco and Eusébio, Kluivert woke up a year earlier, and his strength had returned to his prime. Therefore, he was able to last longer in this situation. However, he was running out of energy. Even though he used all his abilities, he couldn’t rival the golden and silver chains of order and was about to die.

“Forgive me… forgive me! I’m willing to become your servant…” Kluivert begged for mercy. At this moment, he could no longer act arrogant.

Kluivert had obtained the demonic godly body, and he didn’t die 1,000 years ago. Instead, he was only sealed, and he couldn’t be killed.

However, he ran into Fei, and it seemed like this human obtained a terrifying ability that could slay gods and exterminate demons. These demonic gods had met their nemesis.

Kluivert had lived for numerous years. The longer someone lives, the more fearful of death they become.

The fear of death made Kluivert ditch the honor of a demonic god and beg for mercy, just like Eusébio.

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