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Hail the King Chapter 1131.1

Chapter 1131: 11 Imperial Zones (Part One)

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Fei slowly shook his head.

Since the beginning of the world, humans and the Sea Tribe were mortal enemies.

Different from other races such as goblins, dwarfs, elves, and orcs, the Sea Tribe viewed all intelligent creatures on land as enemies, and they treated humans as food. There was no way that humans and the Sea Tribe could co-exist in peace.

Besides, as an evil sea god, Kluivert was extremely violent and created many catastrophes, killing countless humans. When he woke up more than a year ago, he devoured tens of millions of humans to absorb life energy and recover his strength.

Fei couldn’t let such an evil god stay alive.

In just a few seconds, the last evil sea god, Kluivert, was refined and compressed by the golden and silver chains of order as he screamed and cursed in desperation. He turned into a pure black energy sphere, and it dashed into the black sphere on top of the silver scepter.

Inside the black sphere, it seemed like stars were rotating. Starlight flashed, and it seemed like nebulae were evolving and creating the universe at the beginning of time.

The silver scepter became even more holy and majestic.

The death of the three demonic gods meant that the space that was sealed and locked down was restored.

The dark clouds and the howling resentful souls quickly disappeared, and the beautiful scenery of blue sky and clear ocean reappeared.

It seemed like everything that just took place never actually occurred.

Fei turned around and looked at his last opponent, the Empress of the Sea Tribe.

This empress of the Sea Tribe came back to the Sea of Fragrance with a giant military and desire for revenge. Right now, she was overtaken by fear, and her cold and noble face was pale.

Right now, golden and silver chains of order also wrapped around her body.

At the beginning of the battle, Fei unleashed four golden and silver sword energies.

Except for the three evil sea gods, the last one was targeting this empress.

The Light of Creation, no one can block it!

Even the three evil sea gods who were in the True God Realm couldn’t defend against the golden and silver chains of order. Therefore, the Empress of the Sea Tribe who was only a demi-god and was strengthened by the golden armor and scepter couldn’t block the chains as well.

However, Fei didn’t instantly use the golden and silver chains of order to refine this woman, and that was why she was still alive.

At the same time, as if they sensed that their empress was about to die, countless warriors of the Sea Tribe appeared on the surface of the sea, making the sea turn dark. These warriors roared like crazy, and they wanted to dash into the sky and attack Fei.

Unfortunately for them, under the suppression of a true god, they couldn’t fly up at all.

“Kill me! However, they are only the ordinary members of the Sea Tribe; they can’t threaten you.”

The Empress of the Sea Tribe looked at Fei with fear and stubbornness in her eyes. However, she didn’t beg for mercy due to fear. Instead, she tried to save her subjects.

Right now, this woman understood that if this human god wanted to, he could easily turn millions of warriors of the Sea Tribe into dust.

“You are indeed a royal of the Sea Tribe.” Fei slightly nodded.

Compared to the three evil sea gods, this woman was more like a ruler and had the presence of a lord. No wonder this woman was able to command the countless members of the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance. Except for her rare bloodline, she was a talented figure with a great vision.

After thinking for a bit, Fei said, “If you answer a few questions, I will let your tribe in the Sea of Fragrance survive.”

The Empress of the Sea Tribe looked up in surprise and thought that she heard it wrong. She didn’t expect that the Human Emperor of the North was still willing to let her go at this moment. She thought for a second calmly and slowly replied, “It depends on what you want to know.”

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